Friday, January 1, 2010

Enjoying my first morning of 2010...

I woke at 5:20 am. Not really tired anymore, so I figured a wonderful way to start out 2010 was to peruse some new blogs. It's kinda fun clicking on some sidebar links of new blogs; gems in every corner of the world.

Here are some goodies I came across:
#1) A 2010 "Too Good to Cut" challenge I can't wait to look downstairs later today to find my "special" fabric. Do any of you hoard your fabric too, never cutting into it because it's....well....."too good"????

#2) A 2010 Stash busting Quilt-along. ((I should probably stop looking right now before this list gets too crazy))

#3) Back to Rosewillow's Blog; I like how she (and others) post their weekly Stash usage, purchases, and the year-to-date totals... That might be joining my weekly blog posts this year.

#4) This Block Swap post from Humblequilter got me intrigued about organizing a blockswap. I've been toying with the idea for a good year, but I don't know how to organize a swap! Would anyone be game to join in? Maybe Bonnie's Kentucky (something) block in the latest Quiltmaker magazine?

((hour-n-half later))
I know to you this post is short and a fast-read, but I've been "getting lost" in blog world for the past couple of HOURS! It's currently 7:30, dawn has arrived (okay, so a bit PAST dawn). I think I started this post before 6:00???? I'll find out after I publish it.

((Okay, now it's 8:00!)) Time to publish and get my day started....

Happy Friday!!!!!


Patchwork Penguin said...

The "Too Good to Cut" challenge sounds like an idea.

I really wanna be you when I grow up... how do you find the time????

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I love the stash busting idea! Of course they are all great. I need to use a lot of this fabric that I'm hording! 2010 is the year to do that! Have a great day, Amy! I'm off to sew all day!

Andee said...

I would be in for a Bonnie swap...I have never swapped blocks before but for you would jump in! One of my online groups is planning to do a BOM and we are voting on which one..I put yours in and it is in the lead so!