Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change of plans...

Yesterday morning, I was talking the schedule out loud so that DH and I knew where everyone needed to be, who was picking up whom, etc......I'm sure you understand. It's not like we want to forget anyone like a certain someone in Florida did the other day ;0)

Anyway....we have a party we need to head to later this afternoon and I had all intentions of spending the morning doing my Statistics planning, paper grading, etc.

Suddenly-----it hit me!

Me: **gasp** Paul! That quilt you mother gave me at the beginning of volleyball season to finish that for the party??
DH: ???? {grabbed phone}....' that quilt a gift for Anita's party tomorrow?.......ah-huh......okay......Love you.'
DH: Yup.
Me: #&*@*!

Guess what I started last night INSTEAD of attending the Homecoming football game? And guess what I'm going to be doing for most of the day until we need to leave at 3:00?

So much for being a dutiful teacher today!


Patchwork Penguin said...

I'm planning on going in to school today to work. It won't be stats but I'll be thinking of you. I wish this ear infection/sinus crap would go away.... hope everyone in your end of the world is feeling well.


Andee said...

Can't wait to see the photos..I am sure it will be done in time and fabulous!

scraphappy said...

Oh goodness, I know just that sinking feeling -- the oops I forgot. Well, nothing like an honest excuse to spend some time sewing:) I hope it is all done in time and beautiful. At least it was just a quilt an not a child.