Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bit of normalcy

Yesterday after lunch, I actually packed up the sewing for the day because I KNEW I needed to spend some time on my Statistics lessons. I can't believe how much I've relearned over these first couple of weeks; I haven't had a Stats class in quite a while, and I've never had the opportunity to teach it, so.....I'm doing my best to stay at least a week ahead of the class. I also took care of most of my other school duties yesterday and the first part of this morning.

By 2:00 this afternoon, I was ready to head back downstairs to see if I could figure out the setting triangles for my Twilight layout.
This fabric used wasn't my first choice, but I didn't have enough of the other material. Without a doubt, I'll be using the light speck fabric as one of my borders to try to lighten the overall quilt, but....yeah....I think this'll turn out just fine. THANK YOU to all of you who responded with the calculation help! I didn't realize that Bonnie's site had the magic wand I needed. Thanks Erica!

I haven't updated my Stash Report in about a month...

Obviously, I haven't used much lately, but I did purchase this set of fabrics with a pattern in mind called In Flight. I need to make a quilt for DH's boss's daughter for Christmas, and I thought maybe this'll be up her alley. I hope to also finish up Judy's June Mystery quilt and perhaps I'll have her choose between the two.

So, Stash Report: September 6 - 12
1.438 yards
12 yards

181.735 yards
185 yards

Net used:
-3.266 yards -- Back in the red. No big deal to me.

Yeah...Judy's June Mystery......I was doing SO WELL being on time with that too! But then my Bernina went hay-wire and I never really was able to get back to it once the Bernina came back home due to other projects calling my name. Oh'll see time again soon!

And we have some new additions to our family.....

It's hard to see here because Mama is protecting the little buggers.......but......
...last week, Caitlyn and Cassie came-a-runnin' in from gathering eggs yelling "We have a chick! We have a chick!" This brooding hen has been sitting on eggs since the middle of July. I kept an eye on her quite a bit at the beginning of August to see if any of the eggs would hatch (21 days incubation). Well, I kinda forgot about her since I've been secluded to my interior dwellings due to my allergies, and since then, she's been "collecting" a few more eggs---obviously! Over the following days last week, three eggs ended up hatching (a fourth would have, but DH wanted to test out one of the eggs JUST prior to the first egg hatching---wonderful timing, huh?) But anyway....three new members joining the Skattebo Ranch ;0)

I'm a bit pooped---just cuz. The laundry is JUST about finished; supper is calling my name to be made (trying a new recipe tonight of Pork meatballs in a homemade BBQ sauce); girls will need a bath tonight; and the Packers are on the boob-tube. So, I think I'll get supper going and then pick up my Stats book again to see if I can figure out the next chapter.

Yes, it felt good to get on the machine at least a LITTLE bit this weekend, but I'm okay needing to take this time away. By the time Volleyball season is over, I'll be 100% raring to go again to complete some of these quilts in time for Christmas.

Happy Sunday Football everyone! :0)


Patchwork Penguin said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I was in my classroom for about six hours getting things ready and converting old fill-in-the-blank worksheets to power points.

Have a good week!

Jackie said...

I really like your Twilight quilt. I haven't read the series of books yet. I think a red border would be nice too.

jillquilts said...

Am catching up on blogs... Glad to see 3 new posts!! :)

Love the setting for your Twilight blocks! It looks awesome! And congrats on the new additions! Good luck with the stats book! :)

scraphappy said...

What cute little chicks! Glad you had a bit of time to play, but you are quite right about having time later. You will have plenty to keep you busy until volleyball season is done. Hope you are having fun with your statistics. Having a new class to prep is a lot of work, but it is fun to have a reason to learn something new.

Andee said...

Great Packer game...saw some of it here as it wasn't on my TV since Cardinals were on at the same time (dang it)! I like Twilight...looking good! And Statistics...I tried to take that as a mail course in college...then tried College Algebra by mail...HAHAHAAH then I got a tutor and a teacher. Hardest class I ever took (well that and Philosophy of Language). I am sure you are an awesome teacher and it would have been way easier for me if I had you around back then!

Amanda said...

Your twilight quilt is looking good, the light background really makes the blocks stand out. Aah, fluffy new chicks, how sweet. Best of luck with staying one step ahead of statistics class, as long as there's no whizzkids that's all you need to be!

Candace said...

I really like your Twilight quilt. I like the setting and I think the fabric you used for your triangles looks pretty even if it wasn't your first choice. It's going to be awesome.