Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little calculation help???

I'll admit; I don't feel like sitting and doing the math NOR looking around to find how to do these calculations because I want to keep sewing away downstairs with a few other projects that have been laying around in partial-completion-status. So.....

I don't have enough material to make any more of the Twilight blocks, therefore, I layed the 13 that I have out on-point. The blocks are 12.5" (12" finished).

Question 1: How large do I need to cut the setting triangles at the edges of this on-point setting? ie: what size square to cut to then cut on the diagonal to make the triangles?

Question 2: And what about the 4 corner triangles as well?

Not that it'll affect the calculations, but I plan to use sashing and corner stones to connect the blocks and then come up with something for the borders.

I TRULY TRULY TRULY appreciate any assistance here!


Erika said...

No need to do any math, Bonnie has done it for us. :-)
Go to

Love your blocks!

Andra Gayle said...

12 and 7/8 then cut in half. I use the same size triangles for the end and then just trim.

Anonymous said...

12 x 1.4142=16.9704 plus 1.5 equals 18.4704-rounded up 10 18.5 inches cut diagonally both directions.
corners are 12 divided by 1.4142=8.4853 plus 7/8"(.875) =9.36, and I round it up to 9.5 and cut once on the diagonal.

Andee said...

So happy to see others have helped you out! Lord knows this isn't my area of expertise! It looks great though!

bingo~bonnie said...

I had already gone to quiltville's page to find the link for you and share - and then I glanced at the previous comments... looks like great minds think alike :)

Your blocks are so pretty! I think the on point setting will be perfect for them.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Quilter Kathy said...

I would check out Bonnie's calculations on Quiltville and then add another 1/2" just in can always trim it down.
The blocks sure look great!