Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost done!

Almost done with School!
Almost done with RRCB!
Almost done with Harry Potter!

Not a bad list! And once completed.....then.......***I hope*** watch out quilting world! Amy will be back! :0)

School countdown: 8 days (4 this week; 4 next week).

RRCB count-down: ALMOST there! This has been the LONGEST a quilt has ever been on my frame! :0( But a little bit more time devoted to it this past weekend and the end is in sight---literally :0) See that lil' bit left hanging. I just couldn't do anymore over the weekend with Graduation parties scattered here-n-there. I'm thinking one more "good" hour, though, and I can check off the quilting and MAYBE the binding :0)

But clearly....this "slump" from quilting and other things has come from....

Harry Potter!

It's Harry Potter's fault! I suppose, actually, it's J. K. Rowling's fault! Back on March 4th, I started the series for one reason or another. It was time, I guess. I moved through the first few books rather quickly, then.....they got BIG! And time-consuming!!! Reading those books take easily hours and hours each (umm....20 hours running-time for the Deathly Hallows audiobook, to give you an idea).....that's a lot of time! I've been reading all of them with much of my free evening hours and some weekend hours which doesn't leave a super-lot of time extra.

Well folks...I'm ALMOST done with that too! I simply could not keep my eyes open anymore last night, and I was sooooooo close!! Less than 20 pages left....UGH!  However, TONIGHT I will know Harry's conclusion. I can't wait ;0)

With summer nearing....I took a gander around to see what some of the "Summer To-Do List" tasks were going to be.

Ugh!!! I can't STAND clutter! I HOPE to pull myself away from gardening and quilting long enough to De-Clutter and CLEAN/ORGANIZE the basement (since much of it is designated 'quilting area').
Also, along those lines.... 
ONE FOR-SURE Summer-project: Complete the basement bathroom. Nothing has been started other than a little bit of plumbing.  No flooring.  No fixtures.  No walls.  Kinda like my quilting space last summer.

Ahhh.....a much nicer "non-clutter" picture! I HOPE to make it a daily goal this summer to have the dishes and counter clean and tidy. I am SO bad at doing dishes daily! There are some nights where I simply don't care if they are cleaned or not. **pointing to self** Lazy!

Another FOR-SURE Summer-project (and most likely the FIRST-to-be-done project) is to paint the girls' bedrooms according to their choices. I can foresee next weekend already being when we start and maybe finish this project.

And, of course, we have our ever-growing garden(s) to stay on top of all summer. We have the "main" upper garden that will house most of our veggies. However, my lovely DH has tilled up two additional spots for "extension gardens"; loads of sweet-corn being planned; loads of potatoes; loads of tomatoes for canning. This weekend is Memorial weekend, which is "planting weekend" for many northern Wisconsin and Minnesotan folk :0) However, we will be heading to the farm to help DH's parents with their garden.  BUT,  I have requested to be home Sunday evening so we can work on our own garden on Monday.

So....with 8 days of school left.....summer plans are already on my mind.  I will make it.  I will make it. :0)


Linda said...

Friday is only a half of a day! I feel the same way--With life being life I haven't touched my sewing machine to quilt since I finished Kasey's quilt in April!

Dee said...

Congratulations on almost being done with school! Now on your RRCB quilt, how much throat space do you have left now that you're at the end? I've never attempted one that big because I always figured I'd be down to around 2" by then.

Quilter Kathy said...

Honestly I don't know how you do it all...all that cleaning, gardening, dishes, working, quilting, reading all those! Hopefully when school is done, you'll have some time to relax!

Ann Marie said...

Oh I am sooo jealous your RRCB is almost 100% complete, I am still stringing along with my blocks........urgh! Cant wait till you have lots of free time to do what you please, and what you feel needs done to live a happy day to day.

Cornfield Quilter said...

I know what you mean about the Harry Potter books. I read them all when my grandson did and we had so much fun seeing who could get them done first so we could discuss them. Oh, those were the days. I just want to see all the movies now and compare them to the books. :D
I am anxious to see your quilt on the frame done, I am trying to get some of my older quilts done before I quilt the one I have like yours.
Happy Quilting!!

scraphappy said...

So few days of school left and so many plans! The anticipation of summer vacation is almost as good as the real thing -- well maybe not quite. It sounds like you've got plenty on the list to keep several regular people busy for several summers. Good thing you work at warp speed!

Andee said...

You are almost there Amy! I read all the HP books aloud to my kids but by the last two they were sneaking the book to read on their own because we were only doing one to three chapters a night! We have also listened to several of them on road trips since it is a story we can all agree on! RRCB looking goooooood!