Monday, May 2, 2011

RRCB and more family moments

This is the LARGEST quilt I've had loaded on my frame to date. Yesterday morning, Roll Roll Cottonboll took an hour to load onto the frame, and I'm not left with much "wiggle room" on the ends.

I finished up a few passes before heading upstairs to replenish my coffee, and I never made my way back down. It was 11:00 and DH commented that he was going to head outside to cut some logs that had been sitting for a few months (in the way). And for some crazy wacky reason, I thought that sounded like a GREAT way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

As you can tell by the pictures...we were having LOVELY Spring weather (cough-cough). Cold, Rainy, and Windy! The girls were set up with a small job of picking up wood scraps and placing them into the bucket of the tractor.

DH was cutting the load of smaller branches into sizable pieces to be given to his father.

And with Buster, our dog looking on...

...I had the station of wood splitting with the hydraulic splitter. Can you see my bunny-ear hat sticking out of my hoodie sweatshirt? Yeah, quite miserable outside, BUT when dressed for the weather AND working on a task, the weather truly wasn't that terrible.

I wanted to blog all of this last night, but quite honestly.....after five hours of splitting, hauling and stacking.....and a warm dinner of chili....and a cleansing bubble bath......after sitting in the glider, I was OUT COLD in a few moments! POOOOPED out!


Slight aches and pains today....but all worthwhile.


Linda said...

Wow, that does not look like fun to me but I know it had to be done. Lots of work!!! I know you'll be glad when Spring comes.

I can't wait to see how your RRCB turns out. It looks great on the machine.

Andee said...

I am so excited to see RRCB quilted! It is looking good...mine has not made any progress lately, but I will get to it...(right after another cup of coffee..haha!)

Amanda said...

You certainly do keep your poorer weather for a long time don't you. Just to make you envious, we're having some lovely spring weather here in the UK, short sleeves and all. But we are getting a bit desperate for some rain, April is usually wet but we had about 10% of the usual rain fall, not good.

Toni said...

Sounds like a wonderful productive day and perfect way to end it with chili and a bath!!

How big is the quilt?

Quilter Kathy said...

Are you crazy?!?! You could be quilting and you're outside in the middle of winter splitting wood?!?! I need to come over there and have a chat my friend!!!

Gari said...

You really have to wonder about someone who prefers to split logs rather than quilt. However, I might rather do something else rather than start quilting that huge quilt.

jillquilts said...

Should I tell you that we had shorts weather last weekend? Nah, probably not. Forget I said anything! lol

Of course, today, I was wearing a sweater, a jacket and my fuzzy crocs to work... :)