Saturday, May 14, 2011

A lil' quilting and a whole lotta family

I read over some blogs this AM, but definitely have not caught myself up completely. I don't know exactly what has been keeping me away; ... "life priorities" (??) I guess??

So to start, for those of you mainly curious in my quilting's the quilting update.

Sorry :0(

Nothing much new to share.

However, I finally broke down and coughed up $50 to buy a laser stylus for the frame instead of using the jimmy-rigged device I had taped together for the past year. RRCB still awaits on the frame, and I did quilt one more pass to try out the stylus when it arrived this week. I MAY spend some time with it this weekend to finish it up. Dunno.

Most of my time over the past two weeks (weekends) has been splitting and stacking wood. Recall the "before" pictures from two (COLD and WINDY!) weekends ago (left). Last weekend, Sunday, Cassie and I finished up MOST of the splitting and stacking, minus a few TOO-BIG trunk cuts. By the time we were wrapping up, I didn't have enough energy left to lift these heavy stumps (pictured right), so they'll (hopefully) get finished today with DH's help. The wood pile is 4-stacks deep; I am VERY thankful for Cassie's help last weekend. Oh....and the weather was MUCH nicer :0) Enough to get "some sun" on my face :0)

Since we had finished up by 4:00, we still had some time (in my mind) to get some work done before completely closing up the weekend workshop. Therefore, Cassie and I transplanted some of the house plants and some of the flowers we had purchased from the FFA Mother's Day sale.

After Grandma's funeral service last week, the family (with a little push from myself and my sister) stayed in their "good clothes" a bit longer than originally planned in order to get family pictures.

So, TODAY and this weekend:

1) Call Brielle to see if she can come over for a play-date with Candace. Goal: one hour of transplanting seedlings to larger containers and then they can play.

2) Act as DH's assistant as he "putzes" outside with a) fencing blueberry bushes and the strawberry patch; b) cutting more wood logs down to splitting size; c) other.....

3) Quilt RRCB????? I still dunno. I'm in a bit of a quilting slump as Spring duties are beginning to take precedence. BUT.....THREE MORE WEEKS until Summer vacation. AND, I'd like to have you know....I had NOT started counting until Angela (soscrappy) emailed me the other day to say she was down to "8 days, but not that I (she) was counting....".

Officially; 14 days left for Shell Lake, WI. NOW, my countdown has begun.


Amanda said...

It's that time of year isn't it, so much to be done in the garden. I'm just about managing to stay on top of my vegetable patch. Great family photographs. We find it so hard these days to get our two sons together and get a family photograph, but one's certainly due.

jillquilts said...

I don't think that you are the only one in a quilting slump. Just don't beat yourself up about it cuz you are still getting lots done around the house. And in a few weeks, you will be going gang busters on the quilting. Then, I will be jealous... sigh

scraphappy said...

So glad you were able to get some family photos. What a nice looking bunch you all are in your "good" clothes. Summer will be here soon enough and you will be able to sew the days away on a regular basis. Hope you aren't too booked up with workshops and training things this summer. Nice work on all the wood and plants and garden. I'm sure you will reap the benefits soon enough. BTW, we have 6 days now, two for instruction and 4 for exams. (Not that I'm counting)

Andee said...

My summer schedule started today...I have upped the hours I am working at my other job, but even so I should have more free time for sewing! I will be in Wisc June 3 to 13...hoping it won't still be snowing!

Mamen said...

bonita familia
Felicidades desde EspaƱa

Candace said...

Very nice family photos. We all have to have priorities, no one can get it all done all the time, but I'll bet that you come as close as anyone. You get an A+, and if reading Harry Potter is on your list of priorities good for you.