Monday, May 30, 2011

Change of plans; it's raining.

We headed up to the Farm for part of the weekend in order for DH to till up his parent's garden.  The 1.75 hour drive was gloriously beneficial Saturday morning because I was able to grade all of my Math 8 projects!  Which meant--the entire weekend was OPEN FOR BUSINESS in all other areas :0)

I plowed through two romance novels and am now beginning one of the latest Stephen King books:  Duma Key. At one time (end of high-school/early college years), I had nearly the complete collection of all Stephen King books. Huge fan here! And then, one summer after my first few years of teaching, I sold the whole lot at a garage sale. I was ready to pass them along.


we arrived home yesterday afternoon and I dutifully started laundry; cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. We had all intentions of tilling our garden spots one final time before planting it today (Monday).....


The thunder boomers have detoured our plans.


Ya know what that means?!?!?!!?

Roll, Roll, Cottonboll, Here I come! You WILL see a finish today.


Tracy said...

I've read a lot of Stephen Kings novels..he has a way of scaring the crap out of a person!
Duma Key is pretty good!

scraphappy said...

So glad it is raining! What a perfect excuse to work on a quilt.