Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awesome helpers with Bear Paw

Quilting with helpers SUUUURE makes for more progress!

Caitlyn joined me by 7:15 this morning (since she decided to wake up at 5:30 with a sore throat :|). With our little assembly line going, the HSTs had their dogears trimmed at the same time as they were pieced into twosies for the Bear Paw edges.

Shortly after 8:00, Candace joined us and wanted to help too. So, I grabbed my stacks of Blue/Neutral HSTs for Jamestown Landing that hadn't had their dogears trimmed and let her have at 'em.

I'd LOVE to say that all 25 blocks for Bear Paw were completed, but not quite. Each corner unit measures 9" finished, with a 1" sash. So....19" blocks, set 5-by-5, will make for a big quilt. :0)

This will simply have to wait until my next quilting moment.

I have NOT set fabrics aside for Bonnie's mystery (YET!), but I have FULLLLL intentions of joining in! We have the day off of school on Friday; Cassie will be with a friend, and I've invited playdates over for Caitlyn and Candace each, so I am hoping to get some good quilting time in on Friday once Bonnie posts the first clue.

Happy Sunday!


Quilter Kathy said...

That's what I need...some little helpers :)

scraphappy said...

Even with helpers, a king sized quilt in a day is a lot to except. Glad to hear that you have plans for your day off, can't get much better than that!

Ellen said...

I love that your daughters want to help!

Linda said...

That's so good to have little helpers in the house. My granddaughter is 6 and wants to "sew". I'm going to cut squares and set up my sewing machine that has a speed control and I'm going to help her make a baby doll quilt. I think I'll let her help me cut dog ears too. I would love to have her come over and learn to sew, crochet or whatever. I think it's important to teach our young girls OR boys too how to do this. My boys know how to sew but don't want to. They always thought it was a chore but my oldest sews buttons back on his shirts and is glad I taught him how! Have fun with your girls. Pretty soon, all of you will be pumping quilts out!

P.S. I read all the HP books and just saw the last movie. During Thanksgiving Holidays, I'm going to pull out all my movies, pop some popcorn and have a HP movie marathon. I've got several quilts to quilt and maybe I'll have them to the binding stage so I can still get something done on the quilting side too...Enjoy the movie.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Helpful helpers are great. My helpers make messes or just sleep around all the time. I too have not put my fabrics on the table yet for Bonnie's mystery. But I am almost ready, as long as the gremlins are gone by then.

Candace said...

You have some very intent and cute helpers there. Hopefully, a new generation of quilters in the making.