Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bear Paw beginnings

Ahhhhh.........a full day with the rotary cutter and sewing machine FINALLY! The Bear Paw fabrics that were purchased two weeks ago were pressed first off, and then almost two hours of cutting commenced before I finally sat at the machine to piece 400 HSTs.

I have completed 11 full blocks (44 "corner" units), but haven't cut any sashing yet. The sashing will be a butterscotch/gold fabric with some dark brown highlights.

The pattern itself is simply simple ( that redundant?) BUT, the real labor will come from the size. It'll be the largest quilt I've made to date, a full KING 120"x120" (or SLIGHTLY smaller so that it will fit on my quilting frame).

After dinner, the girls and I sat at the kitchen table, coloring. Our school collects boxtops, Cambell's labels, and a few other "fundraising" labels, milk tops, ink cartridges, etc... On Friday, all the girls came home with a informational packet that included some boxtop organizational sheets.

After some coloring, cutting, and gluing, 55 boxtop labels will be making their way to school on Monday, in addition to some of the other collection items.

And now, we are all sitting watching Harry Potter #7 - Part #1. This afternoon, Cassie finished reading the chapter where the first movie ends, and she's been pleading and pleading to watch the movie :0) I haven't gone out to purchase Part #2 yet, and I have the restraint and control not to run out like a crazed Harry Potter fan to pick one up. Since Cass has started the 7th book and all the previews have been out for the DVD release, Paul has been asking questions again...."Does Harry die? Does Dumbledore come back?".... I just smile and say "Read the book." Cassie and I had some fun teasing Paul having her repeat after me "I promise....not to tell Dad....what happens in the book."

Cassie came home so excited yesterday after school. She used her AR (Accelerated Reader) points to buy ALMOST the complete HP set. She now has books 1-5. Book #1 is on loan to a friend. So tonight, Caitlyn (2nd grade!) grabbed book number 2 and read the first two pages before we started the movie. We'll see how long she stays motivated on THAT book.


scraphappy said...

That is a bucket load of hst units! The buterscotch is going to look fabulous when you get to that part (tomorrow?). Love that the whole family is getting the Harry Potter mania, seeing the final movie should be just the motivation to get them through!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad I sent home those box top sheets!!!! :-)

Andra Gayle said...

LOVE the Bear's Paw!!!! And your girls are getting so grown up. Don't blink, you'll miss it.

Amanda said...

It always used to amaze me how children were determined to stick with the Harry Potter books, even the not so competent readers persevered. They were a great motivation.

I always like the look of the Bears Paw block, though you do have to deal with so many HSTs. Good luck with it.

Patchwork Penguin said...

BearPaw is my favorite!!!! I did a swap years ago... "Almost Amish"... the paws had to be made using a fabric that 'read' solid. Needless to say the quilt is HUGE and waiting at the quilters to be done. It is going to be heavier than heavy when I get it back. I think I made it six by seven rows... plus sashing and a border.

Anyway.... can't wait to see yours!!!

Oh, and my students are not happy that I wear my cheesehead on Monday morning... reminding them of the perfect score.. it's dangerous in Steeler's territory :o)

Ellen said...

You have been very busy! The Bear Paw block is one of my favourites. I am looking forward to watching your progess. Both of my sons loved reading the Harry Potter series (and watching the movies of course!).

Linda said...

I save all my boxtops for education and give to my grandkids. I also do the Campbell's soups but I never thought about the ink cartridges. I save them and take them back but don't get anything for them. I'll start giving them to the school. Thanks for the info.

I just finished watching HP over the weekend. I gotta go back and watch it again. I'm going to pull my book down and look up some things too. I am very pleased with the movie and can't wait til Thanksgiving. I'm going to watch all the movies over the holidays from start to finish.

I love the Bear Paw block too. I've done a few Bear Paw quilts and I gave one away to a friend. It was my favorite. It had a brown bear appliqued on the quilt on top of the blocks. It was an old pattern from several years ago. I can't wait to see yours finished.