Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween came-n-went; State Vball with Cassie

Yup---Halloween came and went. Zoooooooooooom! And despite having good intentions of updating the blog every day last week.......

Welll.....Friday came along just tooooooo fast!

And by the time Friday rolled around, we were on the road traveling to Gma's house to pitstop before heading to State Volleyball Saturday morning in Green Bay.

Not everyone understand the choice of traveling 5 hours one way to watch volleyball for less than 4 hours, and 5 hours back home.

BUT....the memories created will never go away.

There weren't any teams playing that we knew....but it was simply a way to enjoy some time together, and {{hopefully}} be inspired for her volleyball years ahead.

THANKS for meeting up with us, Sister Jenny! Sadly, Cassie ended up getting sick Saturday night, so the rest of her weekend was NOT as enjoyable.

This picture was taken on Halloween evening. It was a GLORIOUS autumn Wisconsin evening! 50's.

The time change almost caught me off guard tonight. I finished my run (at school) just after the sun had set, FORGETTING that the sun will set before 5:00, I don't think I'll be seeing too many more of these pictures at home until next Spring.

SO yeah.......trying to get back to some running. Thinking about signing up for a gym membership since our insurance offers an incentive program for reimbursement of partial membership fees. Actually, it was to the gym where I ran tonight from school (~1.25 miles one way). The owner was pleasant; toggling between talking with me and instructing a small fitness class (which I'm also thinking of signing up for; 3xweek). I used to be a member of this gym YEARS ago before the management had changed. The new owner has REALLLLLy done a nice job with updating it and it's purdy dang schnazzy now!

As for quilting......

**insert super big sad face**

I was hoping to spend some time with the machine yesterday, but.....I spent NINE HOURS at my kitchen table grading papers, tests and prepping for the week ahead. IN-SANE! I was quite thankful for the "extra" hour.


scraphappy said...

9 hours prepping and grading?! That is insane. Hope it does not last, that is no way to spend every weekend. Kids are super cute in Halloween gear. How do you guys manage to trick-or-treat with so much space between houses? Though evening runs are out for a while, I keep thinking morning runs would be a good idea right about now. I keep thinking, if only I were running more...... Are you traveling for Thanksgiving or can you have a mini quilting marathon on Black Friday?

Me and My Stitches said...

Yuck - too much homework for you!! Hope you get back to more fun things soon!

Andee said...

I think we could all use a little vacation! Congrats on the VBall just gotta do that stuff sometimes!

Quilter Kathy said...

I totally get the problem of hours that disappear into the universe and nothing that you want to do (quilting) actually gets any time!

Candace said...

When I first scanned through there I thought it was "two" of your kids standing in front of the statue.