Friday, November 9, 2012

It's been another week again? Already???

Okay... seriously.  Life is starting to zoom zoom zoom by again, and I'm not too happy with that fact.
Honestly....I am surprised that I haven't stopped in since Monday (it was Monday, right?)

Umm.....Okay, this week:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings were booked with working the Middle School Basketball games as the Timer/Scorer.  Wednesday.....Ummm.....I can't remember anymore what kept me away Wedneday night....

OH WAIT!  Oh yes...that was the night that I needed to head back to town at two different times because of "forgotten" items at various locations.  Good golly... and the DEER!  They were out in force on Wednesday!  I had my shot of adrenaline TWICE that night!  "Oh sure lady, I'll just come lunging into the road and then stop to look at your oncoming vehicle, admiring how lovely your headlights are.  I don't need to move along.  I like hearing the sound of your tires screeching to a halt.  And only then, will I decide to lolligag along on my merry way."  Stupid animals!

But HEY!  I DID manage to squeeze in some time to vote on Tuesday.

OH and HEY!  I also was 4 for 5 this week on the "Working out" front.  Monday & Wednesday were strength training days;  Tuesday & Thursday were cardio days (before working the basketball games).  Tonight though------nope.  No working out.  I'll fit it in this weekend.

On the quilting/sewing front.  Yeah, well....okay.  I HOPE to hit the machine(S) this weekend!


{{I need this mug}}

This week also reminded my siblings and myself about the reality of our ages and the ages of our parents.  My brother and sister left me messages on my phone yesterday that my Dad (biological/'real' Dad) had a minor heart attack (NOT a good day for my phone to die!).  Not to go into a complete family history here, but I'm not super close with my real Dad, but..... he's still Dad.  The outcome of his tests yesterday and today gave him an A+/Thumbs Up.  He was released.  But what that did was made me realize the ages of all of us.

My MOM is SIXTY-TWO years old!!!!!  Why haven't I thought of it that way before?  I mean....Mom is "Mom," and she'll always be "Mom."  She's not "Grandma" to me;  she's "Mom."   ((Love you Mom, really!))

And my sister---she's FORTY-TWO!   Brother---FORTY.  {{I haven't hit the four-years yet; whew!  Although, I found a few strands of gray this week.  Good golly miss Molly!}}.
But what I'm getting at is.......
When you think of your siblings, is there an age in time that you "see" them at, and not at their current age?
Likewise, with your parents?

I guess....I kinda think of my Mom as a "forever 40-ish" Mom.  My goodness!  Do you realize what that means???????

My Sister is my "Mom" right now!



Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

When your girls graduate and your an empty nester, that is when the age things starts to settle in a little more. My parents are both 62 as well, but I am the oldest sibling at 44 with my brother at 40 and my sister at 35, yes I had to sit and do the math there. When we were on vacation it was brought to our attention that my MIL will be 70 in, really!!! Time is getting faster and faster every day, and there isn't enough time in a day to do all I want or need to do. But life goes on and we try to stay on track. So enjoy those girls of yours before they are gown up and gone. It will happen before you know it.

Amanda said...

Sixty two is a great age to be, and at sixty four I still think of myself as middle aged, not old yet. Perhaps when I'm seventy I'll start being old. Some things are a bit slower - getting socks on when the sciatica kicks in is a killer - but I'm generally fit and I certainly don't feel any different from when I was forty two; well, I'm less anxious and more confident that I was then, so that's a good thing. You've got me wondering though - do my sons consider me OLD?

JB said...

Amy, I always tell people that you could be one of those comic writers in other people's/animal's perspectives. Case in point is your deer story. Love it!

These last two days has also had me thinking about how old we all really are getting as well as how little we see of each other. I COULD NOT believe how much Cassie has changed since I saw her in July. If we are both home at Thanksgiving, I think we should try to find a little time to spend with dad.

It's also scary how similar some families are. Did you notice the coincidence of Anne Marie's family compared to ours?

Have a great weekend doing nothing but enjoyable activities! Love you! Little Big Sis

Judy D in WA said...

I remember when my Gramma turned 63 and from that day on, I never knew her real age. She was always 63. Now that all my children are in their 30s and 1 headed to 40 (gasp!!), I think I need to figure out my age......can I always be 27 like my niece believed for so long???

Hope you have a worry free and fun weekend.