Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some border action x2

I kinda like days where I have NO obligations; NO where to be; NOTHING to do
(except, NO ONE is allowed to come to my house right now, unless s/he promises not to pass judgement.  It's a DISASTER zone!!!)

I was downstairs at 7AM with no real plan on the day.  Somehow....I really can't remember how or why.... but somehow, I found myself in my main carpet area sifting through piles and piles of finished quilts and awaiting flimsies, and collections of centers awaiting borders.

I dug in and pulled out Frost 25, a QOV mystery (#25) from.....2009?  2010?  Ummm....I'd have to look back. 
Frost 25 (73" x 73")
I remember what stopped my progress oh so long ago:  I ran out of the dark purple, which I wanted to use as a border.  Hm.....I found a similar print awaiting in my Easy Street fabrics;  11" remained of it.  So, I cut it up in 1.25" strips for a THIN inner border, then finished it off with a 3" white border.  
The fabric was a Connecting Threads line:  "Twilight Frost," which is partially where the quilt's name came from: Frost 25.  
And I couldn't resist!  Do you recognize the movie playing??? :D
I had my own Twilight marathon for much of the morning hours.  And now that the top is finished, I find myself wondering why I needed to wait so long;  that thin inner border worked nicely to finish off the center.

Not interested in loading it on the quilt frame, I folded it up and moved it to my Flimsy pile. :D

BEB Fallswap (84" x 100")
After some self-convincing, I pulled out the Buckeye Beauty Fall swap center and pieced a 2.5" light border on it.  With oodles of 4-patches left over, a potential 4-patch pieced final border was tried out.... and then I recalled I had 4 yards of this "fallish" Mayfly fabric waiting on the shelf, meant for this quilt!  Cut,,, press.

AND LOAD, LOAD!  I'm halfway through quilting this already!

However, at 2:30, I closed up shop to spend some time coloring with the girls.  Box Tops is offering up a cute lil' turkey for the holiday season.  (Can't you see how excited they all are to pose for this picture?) :}

Happy Sunday!


scraphappy said...

Two borders and a partially quilted top all in one day?! Woohooo for you! Love your twilight theme day. Planning to see the new one over the holiday?

Dee said...

I really love the color scheme on your Frost 25 quilt. What a beautiful quilt! Glad you had such a productive and fun day!

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect day all the way around!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love that Frost 25 quilt, it is gorgeous! Two tops finished, and another almost quilted too. Seems sewing mojo is in the air all around blogland. I have spent most of my day in my rooms too, while the embroidery machine was busy stitching out a bunch of quilt labels for a friend, I was cutting up fatquarters. Made a whole stack of blue ones disappear, and now I am working on the neutral piles. Headed back up that way for a chain piecing marathon until who knows!

Pokey said...

Your Twilight Frost is so cool, it has such a nice selection of background prints! More inspiring work ~

Candace said...

A good days work and I think the thin border is perfect, it adds to the delicate look of the quilt. I sent the link to the turkey to all the people I know when young children, your girls turkeys are so cute.

Andee said...

Both of those quilts look great. Way to be productive and all before the day really got started (for some of us, lol)! Whoot! Whoot!