Saturday, November 3, 2012

No sewing for me...

Cass and I are heading out shortly for a SUPER-DUPER FUN DAY of Wisconsin State Volleyball.  We're both enjoying a relaxing morning right now at "Grandma's" house, who just so happens to live smack dab in the middle of the state, halfway between our house and Green Bay, where the State tournament is happening.  

"Aunt Jenny" (my sister) lives just north of Green Bay, and being a former HS volleyball player herself, she is planning to meet up with us too!  

A coworker (Jan) took the day off of work yesterday to head to State Vball since her daughter's team advanced to the tournament last weekend.  Yes, a bit awkward to some that she works at one school, but has children attending a different school, but that's just the way Geography and job placement works sometimes.  Anyway, I digress.  There were loads of texts from Jan yesterday, keeping me posted on results and other goings-on.  Sadly, they have not advanced to today's finals :\  But maybe it worked out for the best???  Because today she is in the middle of the state watching her son's team play the next level of Football Playoffs.  Wowsas.  Busy lady.  
And one funny----the Packers are playing at home this weekend, and I guess they were out-n-about yesterday.  At two different times, Jan texted me "OMG.  Tramon Williams is eating right behind us."  "OMG.  Troy Aikman just walked past us;  he must be announcing the game on Sunday."   LOL.  She's such a football groupie.

Although no sewing is happening, I'm extremely okay with the plans that lie ahead today :)
Happy Saturday.


Ray and Jeanne said...

Have fun! We will be at Illinois State Volleyball next weekend. My hubby is a former high school VB coach so we go every year. Hope you see some great matches! Have fun! ~Jeanne

scraphappy said...

Enjoy your weekend! Must bring back good memories of your volleyball coaching days. Do you miss it?

Joanne said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I used to coach volleyball when I had my pre-retirement life. It is a great game. Enjoy the time with family. Joanne