Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm trying for a little bit of everything

School is officially underway, entering into my 2nd week.  And...... yup...... I think the routine is starting to mesh well for all of us.  This picture was the sight of the FIRST day/night of school -- my backorder of Blue-n-Gold yarn came, one day earlier than expected.   I wanted to just dig into the yarn right away, but.... I've accepted the time commitment for AP-Statistics this year.  And I was LOADED already on day #1.

BUT, since then, I have tried to find time to do a little bit of everything.
The typical housework (blah)
The afterschool homework session -- 'course, it helps that I stay at school until 5:30 every night, waiting for Cassie to finish vball practice.  I get LOTS done during that time.  However, I think that will also start to change tomorrow, now that things are starting to settle in a bit more..... I be thinking that I'll pack some running clothes in order to hit the pavement after my scheduled school hours end.  I'm going onto day #10 WITHOUT running!  Bad me. Bad me.

This past weekend, I kinda sat back and enjoyed some time downstairs on Saturday!  It had been SO long!  

Lazy Sunday was scattered in pieces all around my quilting area.... so while my embroidery machine was stitching away, I finished up the purple diagonals, and am now ready to hit the final step of the mystery :)

And on the embroidery machine...
I stitched up a newly free-download onto a kitchen towel.

Some of the girls' cinch bags were given some personalization...

... and then I played with some batting scraps (doubled-up) to see how it would work as the backing/filling for some embroidered patches/fridge-magnets.   The "Lakers" symbol you see is my school's mascot.  Kinda fun! :)

The putzing actually took up most of the afternoon; I can't believe how fast the time flew.

And then Sunday....... 8AM until 5PM....... AP-Statistics prepping and planning at the kitchen table.  LOL.  It's all good.  Really.  It WILL get easier, but right's a mess!  I have been using the 1st edition of "The Practice of Statistics" for two years, however I was ready to commit to an upgrade this year.  I received a student copy of the 3rd edition, but we elected to actually go for the big move, and adopt the 4th edition.'s my situation....
The 4th edition is on backorder until the end of September.  My decision to adopt the 4th edition happened the week before school started.  There was NO WAY the ball was going to get rolling fast enough for the start of school.  SO.......  I've been using some page copies from the student's 3rd edition with some of the teacher materials out of the 4th edition (my sales rep gave me access to some online 4th edition materials.)   It's kinda a headache!  There were just enough changes in the 1st chapter between the 3rd and 4th editions that it took the whole 9 hours yesterday JUST to get some alignment in place for lessons this week... all in order to make the transition to the 4th edition smoother ONCE we get the books OR access to the eBook component we also ordered.

So....... LOL.... this morning, after sending an email to the sales rep, wondering when/if we could at least get our eBook access codes..... I received an email in response!  We have eBook access to the 4th edition officially starting tomorrow at 3AM.   {{Um, yah.  I ain't about to set my alarm for 3AM just to write some new lessons for the week!  LOL}}
Good golly!  After spending 9 hours yesterday making handouts and powerpoints for this weeks' lessons.....aligning the 3rd student edition to the 4th edition teacher materials........ I'm STICKING to that plan through Friday.! :}  

I AM looking forward to next weekend's shorter planning session :)  Maybe only 6 hours this time :)

Besides-----my Saturday will need to be devoted to a MASSIVE tomato harvest!  Spaghetti sauce, whole canned tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, tomato juice, vegetable juice, pizza sauce, salsa.....

Happy Monday everyone :)

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Andee said...

My hat is off to you on all that planning. I know just what that is to work so hard to get it just so! I am interpreting about four Math classes this semester and am actually enjoying them...I am finally filling in some of the blanks that I just didn't get moving around (19 schools) growing up. LOL, I am not sure how I ever passed College Algebra with the gaps I had! :) Love the magnets and can't wait to see the yarn come together..GO PACK GO!