Sunday, September 15, 2013

School projects

I finished my garden-harvest processing last night at 11:00PM.  The burner was turned off, I put a movie in the DVD player in the bedroom, and I stretched out in the bed.  Ummm...... I don't think I lasted past the 007 intro music!  LOL.

And man oh man oh man....
Around 1:00AM, I woke up.... with a headache and terribly sore throat.  People, let me simply say.... I RARELY have a headache.  So when I do... something's up.

The rest of the night was .... just .... kinda miserable :(  I finally broke down around 1:30 and went to the kitchen to get a cough drop.  The rest of the night, I was in-and-out of light sleep.  At 6:00, I gave up and got up.

A cup of coffee tasted good... but I knew I was going to be draggin' a bit today :\
By 8:00, most of the household was awake (not Cassie yet), so the TV was turned off and everyone got busy with their chores.   The girls needed to clean their rooms, and I had to tackle my school work.

I was hoping to be done by noon, but around 10:30, my brain simply was struggling to focus anymore. I reread one problem about 6 times in 10 minutes before putting my pencil down and saying...."nope.  Brain isn't working right now."

I made up some lasagna with some spaghetti sauce that didn't fit into one last quart jar.  And by the time it hit the oven, I tried tackling the school work again... and was a little bit successful... until 1:30.   Paul slumbered out from the bedroom (he worked night shift last night), and after eating a couple of pieces of lasagna, he moved to the couch for a little Football time for the afternoon.  So, I put the schoolwork aside for the moment, and grabbed some yarn and my crochet hook.

I've been working on some Blue-n-Gold scarves to give to our School Store advisor.  I'll be delivering 7 scarves to her tomorrow, and I have enough yarn skeins to make 2 more.  Sadly, the shop I purchased the bulk deal from is backordered on this yarn until OCTOBER 25!  So, when these are gone, they are gone.

This evening, after finalizing paperwork for school tomorrow and getting backpacks ready for the morning, I asked Caitlyn if she wanted to start one of her projects for "Pioneer Day" coming up in school.  (I don't know when yet.... but it's coming up....sometime!)  LOL
Caitlyn is bound and determined to earn an A on her Pioneer projects, and in order to do so, she needs to make four different "pioneery" projects/crafts.

First off..... weaving.

We grabbed a cardboard box, cut 'er up, and starting setting up our "looms."   Naturally, lil' sister wanted to make one too.

Caitlyn is choosing to use Red, White and Blue colors -- the yarns that were left over from her RWB afghan.

It was a slow-go start, but she is hoping to make a little bit of progress every night.
Once this project sees a finish, next on her list for Pioneer Day.....
 -- make a lantern (with Dad's assistance)
 -- make either a corn-husk doll, or a yarn doll
 -- make butter
 -- bake... umm.... some kinda cake, but I can't remember the name.  I recall one of the ingredients being 'corn meal.'  

Happy Sunday everyone!


Melissa said...

Johnny Cake! Its actually a favorite around here, with hot syrup!Good for her for planning ahead :)

Andee said...

She is well on her way to an A! Be sure to show us her finished projects :) GO PACK GO. Hope you feel better soon!

JB said...

Sure wish I lived closer. I miss you guys!! Hope you feel better. I'm sure Caitlyn will do great on all her projects. Is she planning to make butter the old fashioned way? If so, let me know how she does it. I just use heavy whipping cream and mason jars with my students.

Amanda said...

I hope you soon felt better. It looks as if Caitlyn will have fun with her projects. Back when we used to have free milk delivered to school for the children I used to take off the 'top of the milk', the creamy part, and put it in a jar. The jar was shaken all round the class all morning and eventually turned into butter. The children then had it spread on crackers with the mustard and cress they had grown. Very successful.