Sunday, September 1, 2013

Plans deterred to finish off a WIP

Directly after posting this morning, I made up some Brunch, sent Cassie outside to take care of the animals, and then headed outside to just "look around."
Which then lead to picking cucumbers and tomatoes.  

All I can say is "ugh!"

NOT because of the harvest.  No, no no.......

Merely due to my allergies!  I DREAD heading outside where there is LITERALLY rag-weed in every square foot of our yard, and has sprouted up in various spots in the garden.  That weed makes my  life MISERABLE at this time of the year! :\  
I would have LOVED to have spent oodles of time outside today harvesting;  it was a LOVELY overcast cool upper 70s day with LOW LOW dew-points; therefore TOLERABLE humidity levels.


Oh well.  I kept the harvest to just cuks and tomatoes, and was back inside within 20 minutes, sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyes.  
After a quick shower, I sat in order to allow my allergies to calm down.  I wasn't in the mood anymore to head downstairs to work on lining the newly finished crochet purse.

However, I tidied and organized my yarn area that is on the main level, next to my glider.  And I set one simple, determined goal:  Finish Caitlyn RWB afghan!

I just finished the last stitch moments ago, and was able to snap a picture before she went off running with it.  She's SUPER excited to finally have me finish it JUST in time for bed!

So now, I'll continue relaxing with some background television, and start making up some more scarves.  
OH, and BTW.... my allergies calmed down nicely :)


scraphappy said...

What a bummer that your allergies are keeping you trapped inside. Hope everything gets harvested in time and winter will bring you some relief.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Sorry about that ragweed! I know it can wreck one's allergies! Lovin' the rwb afghan!

Andee said...

Afghan looks great! Allergies suck!