Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celtic Solstice progress, and more(?) chickens

With Cassie away all day with her FFA group, chilling and playing at Valley Fair, and the other two girls still in summer school classes, I decided to make today a ME day.  Truly.  I can't remember the last time when I had a day off -- ALONE.  And I think I've actually managed the feeling of guilt quite well today.
No garden.
No laundry.
No cleaning.
Not even emptying the dish washer.

I'm catching up on blogs and emails.
I've enjoyed wanderings outside, spying in on the chickens.
And I turned the sewing machine on for a couple of hours.

Celtic Solstice is getting bigger... slowly.  The first border was attached before turning the machine off for lunch.  And now that lunch is over, I'm thinking of putting my feet up, turning on some background noise, and spending the next few hours with some crochet.

On the way upstairs, I peeked in on the incubating eggs...

...having realized too late about candling the duck eggs, I grabbed a flashlight to do a quick check on our eggs entering day #7.

Oh.  My.
ALL NINETEEN of the eggs showed signs of blood vessel networks!  I'll candle them again in three days to see if the embryos are developing before I worry too much that we'll have another 19 chickens joining our flock soon.

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JB said...

Do you always candle twice? When we hatch chicks at school, we just candle once right around day 10. And...congratulations on taking a "Me Day"! You deserve it I'm still working in my room. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Of course, I am reorganizing and rearranging as I am getting ready for my new project next year. I am so excited!!