Sunday, June 1, 2014

RSC-14 and 2014 Running updates

Yep,'s been awhile since ANY project has seen any time from me lately.  In fact, it took me about 10 minutes to tidy up some clutter of odds-n-ends that have needed my attention ... and then to remind myself where all of my RSC blocks were stored!
THEN -- I needed to head to Angela's RSC page to catch up on what colors I had missed....

The rundown:
January - Blue . February - Pink . March - Teal blues
On March 17, I had made up the teal block for the month, but never blogged about it.  Actually, I don't think I ever blogged about February's pink block either.

A few different times of random quilt-room moments, I pulled out any purple scraps that I had, but wasn't too happy with what I saw.  I didn't have much.  
HOWEVER, this morning, I cut up ONLY the scraps I found and used 'em up.  I avoided cutting into a collection of FQs I bought.

April - Purple
There are a good amount of repeats, but... only scraps were used.  **shrug**  I'm okay with that.

May - Green
The last day of May was yesterday, but one day behind isn't terrible :)  May -- checked off the list too :)

And here they all are playing together.... 

Notice the brown??? -- I had some scraps scattered around, so I organized them and got 'em done too.  I would imagine SOME month down the line will be brown.

The month of June is calling for yellow.  However, since the skies have cleared up around here a bit after a stormy morning, I'm ready to turn the sewing machine off for now in order to get a run in.

Ah yes----summer!  The season for running! :)  The time to sign up for races and challenges.  
My BIL felt he needed a kick in the pants, so he and I (and hopefully other family members) are starting a Monthly mileage challenge for June. 

And THEN, I saw a post on FB for a 100Miles Challenge for the month of June.  It's a bit insane for me to physically manage 100 miles from essentially sitting on the couch.  I HAVE run 100 miles in a month before----last March when I was in the midst of my marathon training.  BUT, walking is allowed during this challenge, so.... I can do that!  I can mix it up!
Plus, if I hit 100+, I'll be all that much closer to Kevin's house (virtually speaking---check out lower down on my right sidebar to see progress) :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


Marly said...

Great rainbow blocks; I'd say you've caught up, and overtaken the rest of us.

Andee said...

Love your catch up blocks! I am sure you can hit 100 miles this month, it is so motivating to see your running posts here and on fb! Keeps me on the bike and elliptical! :)And I wanna get to Kevin's house too!

Nell's Quilts said...

100 miles for June divided by 30 days = only 3.333333 miles per day. When you break it down everything is possible. Good luck with this challenge. Love your floating wonky star blocks. Added bonus in using only scraps and not cutting into the FQ's.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Way to go Amy! I love your blocks! Your blocks and my blocks are similar???? Hmmmm?????

katie z. said...

I love your blocks!

Good work on your running. I am not a runner but admire those who can do it! I do like to walk.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your blocks on the design will be a fantastic quilt!