Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Days filled

Morning #2 of summer school.

If you will notice, 1 minute ticked by between the "I'm not ready to be awake" to the "See, I'm out." pics.    Last night was a late one, mostly due to a nasty nasty wind storm!  My girls were a bit freaked -- I was too, for that matter!  Paul, of course, was working, so I was fending the family's safety by myself.  Radio stations, TV stations, and Weather.com all said Wind warnings, but no mention of the "T" word for our area.  I still wasn't set at ease -- that wind was downright scary.

Since sleep was the last thing on my mind, I continued working on decluttering "my side" of the bedroom.  Can you tell which side that may be???  ;)  (Hint:  I sleep on the side that houses the alarm clock and lamp)

Other than a little damage in the garden, the wind storm treated us okay.  Cassie and I fixed up the garden this morning by resetting Paul's black covering around/over his cabbages, and then we planted the final seeds for the season:  5 more rows of corn.  

And then... one thing lead to another:
Walking around front, we pulled weeds from an eye-sore flower/bush bed.  I've been meaning to demolish that area;  it's about the only part of the property that is simply a nuisance for me to care for.
In the midst of that project, Cassie and I started uninstalling the 4 tires that we've had as play items near the swing set for years.  
Which then had led to Cassie bringing the tractor over to pick up the tires and pulled weeds
Which moved me to get the lawn mower out to trim up the edging of the eye-sore and mow down the weeds that had overtaken the tire area
Which continued into an hour long lawn mowing (it didn't need it, BUT the trim job was now shorter than the rest of the lawn----badabing.....)
BUT, after about an hour, I turned the machine off.  It was making a "funny" noise; as if the left blade wasn't attached correctly--loose.  SO, I wasn't about to push my OR Cassie's luck since she was going to finish up the mowing job for the next couple of hours.  Nu-uh.  Safety first.

Once noon rolled around, we had a quick lunch, and then I set her off into decluttering her closet while I worked on decluttering the laundry room.  We both had an incentive of BEACH TIME @ 2:00 if we accomplished a good portion of our decluttering task.

Good.  Lord.  

Clutter, clutter, clutter!  

And of COURSE, I have no pictures to show of anything.

And then, the rest of the day flew by at the beach, a lil' shopping mixed in, a quick meal on the grill, and then back to the beach for Cassie's softball practice.  LOL.  Yup--- great softball practice, right?? ;)

8:00 -- it was finally quieting down at the lake.
8:45 -- arrive home.
9:00 -- sit down to eat dinner!  LOL.
9:45 -- ship two youngest girls off to bed.
9:55 -- youngest girls ZONKED!!!! 

I love summer!


Deb A said...

So tired reading your post about ONE DAY! Yikes. I feel like a slacker =)

Andee said...

What a great day!!!