Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fermentation complete: Celtic Solstice and NYE '13

Rainy morning.

My typical hour of cleaning, organizing and moving my classroom turned into THREE today!  Mind you, it wasn't all spent cleaning, organizing and moving.  I was about 5 minutes away from wrapping up my hour of tidying;  I was walking back into my 'old' classroom, and my Superintendent was showing the room off to our newly hired middle school math teacher.  ((It will all be 'official' Monday night at the School Board meeting.))
I am sooo excited!  I was super impressed with her at the interview and we hit it off immediately.  So, once the Sup was finished up with her, she and I spent an hour and half gabbing the morning away.  I'm sure I overwhelmed the dear thing!!!!  LOL.

It was nearly noon by the time we arrived back home, so Cass and I ate up a quick lunch and then set off on our daily task.  
Me:  ongoing laundry
Her:  more of her bedroom decluttering

I decided to finally take a long-deserved break and I ventured downstairs into the quilting space.
Celtic Solstice had fermented long enough on the basement floor!

A few hours were spent piecing MOST of the center together.  Three more long seams, and the center will be finished! 

In good ol' leader-ender fashion, I literally was piecing together another quilt top into rows too!  The New Year's Eve 2013 blocks had also fermented long enough!


scraphappy said...

So glad your quilts have aged enough to start getting put together. Great that you could find a little quilting time FINALLY! Summer days go so fast. Enjoy them before school returns.

Carol Stearns said...

I've seen many Celtic Solstice quilts being finished lately. Maybe I'll be inspired to work on mine again. I had kind of a pattern going and I'll have to refresh my memory on it. What do I do with all these finished quilts?

Alycia said...

Shhheeeee's baaaack... Super Quilter Amy ;-)