Monday, February 16, 2015

3-day weekend

Where does the time fly to?  Truly.
Thankfully, we are enjoying a 3-day weekend due to President's Day (our Winter break day).  Even Paul has the day off.  We're toggling with ideas on how to spend the day;  skiing, sledding, skating... Nothing has jumped in the lead yet (although the puppy dog eyes keep saying skiing!)

Ms. Caitlyn started working on a lil' quilt project for her upcoming DI competition.  

I am was making great progress on the 20 Granny Squares which are the expectation for the first week's clue of Yarnspirations/Crochet Crowd's crochet-along. 
While making some Beef Barley vegetable soup yesterday, the madolin wasn't able to distinguish between my finger and the carrot I was slicing.

Paul was around to bandage me up;  and with no medical tape handy, duct-tape came to the rescue.  I wonder if fingertips grow back.   For now, that fingertip will remain bandaged, and I'll try my best crocheting using my middle-finger tip;  slow-going right now :\

The seeds are 7 days old and germinating nicely!  This is the first year we're using grow-lights; 3 of them, each 2' long.  I would love to invest in another 3, but there's only so much that can be spent on projects that 'save money,' right??? ;) LOL

No exaggeration here, but... every time I walk by the lil' greenhouse, I smile and peek in on them, often on the lookout for any new sproutings.

Candace and I couldn't resist starting some MORE seeds!!!  
Another 36  flower seeds were planted and we await not-so-patiently for them to germinate.


Sue G Johnson said...

Your girls looks like they are having a wonderful time! I hope your finger feels better soon....I chopped off the edge of my thumb a few years ago using one of those....I've not used one since! lol Kudos to your husband for his quick thinking first aid!!!

Alycia said...

your finger makes my fingers hurt in sympathy! I hope it heals fast - and that you figure out what to do for the day!!

Andee said...

That reminds me I forgot to stop and get some tomato plants! So sorry about your finger!

scraphappy said...

Hope you are enjoying your three day weekend. Our kids had the day off, but it was a workday for the teachers-- almost a holiday. Hope that finger feels better soon. You will be needing it when it comes time to put all those seedlings into the ground.

Deb A said...

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! I had the mandolin out for sweet potato chips last week and was thinking of sliced fingers.... so I grabbed the long fork and used that when I got down to 1/4. Hope it heals quickly. Your blocks looked great. I've got 18 done.

Quilter Kathy said...

Yikes! Hope your finger heals quickly
You make me want to plant some seeds :)