Sunday, February 1, 2015

More RSC '15, other scraps, and Caitlyn's BB

For whatever reason, Paul's alarm went off at 4:30 this morning rather than 5:00.  He stayed in bed, snoozing away, but after a few minutes, I decided to get up.  Why not, right?!?!  The day was WIDE OPEN for anything.  It's amazing how different it is mentally on a Sunday vs. any other day of the week.  

Once he walked out the door at 5:40 a.m. heading off to work, it was downstairs for me.  I will give Deb credit for the task of making up two whole new pink RSC connector blocks instead of just fixing up the 9-patch center of my last boo-boo ones.  Ah heck... we all have oodles of scraps, right?  When lookin in my drawer of 1.5" scraps, you can't even tell I made up another 2 pink blocks!  LOL.

For the rest of the morning until noon, I tackled loads and loads of bonus blue/neutral triangles that have been collecting for the past couple of years.

The blue/neutral block was inspired by a pic I saw during a random search over Christmas vacation;  sadly, I don't have any linky information on it :(  The other ones, with the splash of red, were initially made for Judy's 2014 January Scrappy T block, and then I've extended that scrappiness by piecing 9-patch and/or crumb centers rather than using a big ol' 3.5" square.  I have 20 total blocks made (10 each).  I really don't know how many more I'll make;   my pile of blue/neutral bonus tris are finally dwindling.

As for schoolwork, I was able to complete a decent amount of it between games yesterday during Caitlyn's BB tournament.  Seeing the girls progress from beginning-to-end of the season is always fun and amazing to witness.  They have one more tournament next weekend to wrap up their season;  Cassie, however, continues to compete until the end of February.

Happy Sunday everyone!
Here's to another week.

FEBRUARY!  Spring is nearing day by day.... ;)


scraphappy said...

Sounds like a great day. Great sewing progress with time for family as well. Glad your supply of blue and white is dwindling. Now on to pink!

Candace said...

A productiVE Day for sure. Love your blocks.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Lovely pink blocks. And it is great to watch the kiddo's excelling too.