Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Piano, Basketball, Quilting and Planting. Precious moments!

Friday night, the girls 'fighting' over practice time
Saturday tournaments for both Cassie and Caitlyn
Sunday morning working on tidying up some blocks
Sunday mid-morning shopping spree at Walmart -- the SEEDS SECTION is in full swing!

Yes, folks!  I DID buy some seedling supplies and planted.  This is the EARLIEST I've ever planted seeds!

Despite being 14, Cass is stil okay with being a 'twin' with Mom on dress-up days at school

My band of wack-a-doodles!


Andee said...

You have a fab band of whackadoodles...I cannot believe how much the girls have grown since I started reading your blog! LOL kids they grow up so fast! :)

Deb A said...

Great wrap up! Love the last picture of you and the girls. Enjoy your crochet time with your friend this week =)