Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crochet Along (Part 2) & Transplanting seedlings

This past week has been extremely quiet on any crafty front.  Zero quilting or sewing has been completed, and only three (of 20) of the Part 2 Crochet Along mystery units have been made.

Instead, most of my free time this weekend has been spent with our mini-greenhouse.

The initial seeds from two weeks ago are coming up nicely and were transplanted into small cell units to live out the next few weeks.  
So many new things being tried this year.  First off -- we're I'm starting WAY WAY earlier than ever before.  Many new seeds are on my docket, including a Strawberry Popcorn seed (pictured above - day 7).

I just tried out a new method of germinating today, too.  After reading up on germination trays and seed transplanting for growing in pots, I scrounged around the house and found an inexpensive setup that should work out okay for a germination tray.  The bottom of a JCPenny's box and an old cookie sheet have been repurposed to act as a tray for a little bed of lettuce starter.  **shrug**  It holds dirt so far :D

I knew I had things on my to-do list this weekend, but, I truthfully didn't really care mind if I didn't get to them.  ie:  grading papers.  Sorry, but, I wanted the weekend off.   I have some quilting projects that direly need my attention sooner than later, but it was SOOOOOO cold in the basement.  
Therefore, I took my time transplanting all the 2-week old seedlings and prettied up the mini-greenhouse.  It's officially full.  I guess it's a good thing I ordered a new mini-greenhouse, due to arrive on Tuesday :D

This plant is looking much much better now that I took the time to remove the aloe vera plant that was crowding it.    Can anyone enlighten me on the name??
Please imagine this lil' pot FILLED with not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE aloe vera plants.  It was LONG LONG overdue for repotting.

This was the smallest of the five, and it looks so sickly.  All of them had started to yellow.  I received the planter from my MIL..... five (?) years ago.  I think at the time, there were only two aloe plants present, in addition to a beautiful strand of that other plant.  

Never having had an aloe vera plant, I sat down today and did some self-educating on how aloe plants grow and propagate.  It's truly amazing the power of education we have at our dispersal via the Internet!

Sunny's house (Candace's goldfish from her birthday) was also given a cleaning, so he was allowed to swim around our pitcher for a lil' bit.  

And as always, trying to fit in time for family and fun is often attempted, but not always followed through on.  However, last night, the two youngest and I headed to the roller skating rink in a town 20 miles south while the oldest went skiing with a friend.  Paul finished up his shift yesterday and now has a few days off :D


Kevin the Quilter said...

You and your family always have so much fun! I love the fact you start your garden from seed this time of year! I wish I could, but, I am not here enough to give the plants the tlc they need this early on!

pamela thorne said...

Love reading about what your family is doing! I believe that plant is a moss rose.

Deb A said...

Busy busy! Your crochet looks so much better than mine. Hope your finger is healing well. I've seen the plant before but don't know the name.

scraphappy said...
Maybe Crasula -- also known as baby toes. So many little baby plants. Have fun!

Andee said...

So fun to see your seedlings growing..and your crochet!

Jannette said...

Your plant is definitely a succulent - maybe a crassula or a burro's tail.
I signed up for the Mystery KAL/CAL too, but haven't started yet - I want to see a bit more of it before I commit to actually doing it...

nana yang said...

Ohne jemals eine Aloe Vera Pflanze hatte, setzte ich mich heute und habe einige selbstlernende, wie Aloe-Pflanzen wachsen und sich fortpflanzen. Es ist wirklich erstaunlich, die Macht der Bildung haben wir uns zur Verbreitung über das Internet!


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