Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another rose; better?

Today, I sat for a few moments, watching Beth's applique tutorial video. Not only did I learn quite a bit from watching it, I also found myself chuckling at some of her humor!

Anyway, tonight, after shipping the girls off to bed, I dashed into town to pick up some washable glue sticks. Then from 8:00 until about 9:30, I cut, glued, sewed (and probably made up some of my own rules on Beth's process) ((**looking around for applique police**)), and completed another rose. It definitely looks different because I didn't use a satin stitch with white thread. Instead, I used a blanket stitch with transparent (nylon) thread.

The left rose is from tonight; the right is from last night. I like the non-stiffness of the left one (my altered Beth-version) versus the fusible-web one on the right. I chose to make the outer petals all light pink to try to eliminate the "see-through" problem (The light pink is VERY light fabric) I had from last night.

When I came upstairs to blog, I asked DH's opinion on my first two roses. And, believe it or not, he gave me some other ideas to try next. One idea: if I stay with the colors tonight (left), he suggested cutting ONE light piece based on the "outer petals" (cutting out the "inside" of it); then cutting a dark pink petal-layer (again cutting out the inside of it), and then layering the top three small petals. This actually sounds like a great idea; it would eliminate quite a bit of cutting & piecing. I could do my altered-Beth-version with that OR use the fusible web. I may have to try both.

This has been a nice learning experience so far for me. I won't make a final decision on whether I like applique until I've tried a few different ways to applique. It's been kinda fun trying/learning something new.

Happy Wednesday

he needed me to add that his suggestion was INGENIOUS!! (and time saving so that I can spend more time with him in the evening instead of hibernating downstairs in the quilting room.)


Calidore said...

Methinks DH is feeling a bit left out...vbg. Love the roses. I must admit I like left rose - but I guess in the end it is what suits you and the easiest and best way for you do make them. Have fun.

Laurel said...

I like DH's suggestion, too. Not sure if it will work when we get to the sweet peas, but any savings seems like a great idea.

Cornfield Quilter said...

I love to applique even though I don't do it often. I love the dimension that it brings to a quilt. I have been trying to needle turn but don't like it that well. I like to make the pieces I want to applique out of light weight paper and then baste my fabric to that and then applique. That way the piece keeps their shape and all i have to do it slit the fabric behind the shape and take out the paper and it is done. Also, my husband like me to be with him in the evenings so applique and or hexagons will keep my hands busy while we watch TV. :D

Dawn said...

Looks fun!! to watch the video!