Saturday, April 18, 2009

DD -- Done! [[almost]]

This REALLY did come together quite quickly once I sat down and "just did it!" The last few blocks were pieced last Sunday and Monday; recall it was all basted and partially quilted on Monday as well.

This morning, I pulled it out again with hopes to finish it. Quilting consisted of traveling hearts down the length of the pink vertical 1-inch block "lines"; stippling in the light squares, stitch-in-ditch along the edge of each large block; stippling in the borders.

The binding is already completed. I have gotten quite good at sewing the binding to the front, taking time to press it over&around edge, then stitching in the ditch with machine on the front side (which just catches the edge of the binding on the back (rather than hand-sewing to the back---ugh-ugh-ugh!).
However, I still need to hand-sew the connector-strip on the back (the strip that pieced the two quilted sections together).

I have a few quilts now awaiting labels, so maybe I'll make that a task for tomorrow.
-Chloe's Colors
-Andrea's Garden
-Double Delights
-For Baby
-Oklahoma Backroads
-Sevens Shirt (this isn't quilted yet though)
-Steppin' Out (midst of quilting)
-Country Spirit (midst of quilting)

Happy Saturday!


scraphappy said...

Wow, not only did you finish that one up in a hurry, it looks fabulous! I just love those little hearts in the nine patches. You have officially shamed me into getting mine out an bordered ASAP.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Beautiful! You've inspired me to dig mine out and finish it! Thanks!

Amanda said...

That looks so pretty - and so nearly finished too. Isn't it strange, I always enjoy hand stitching the binding down on the back, it's a quiet moment of reflection on the quilt before it's done. And a bit of time to enjoy thinking about the next project before actually launching into it.

Calidore said...

Absolutely stunning and I love the hearts in the nine patches. Well done on getting so much done. Got to admit though I'm with Amanda - I used to hate sewing down the binding by hand - but now I love it. It's a quiet time - just me and the quilt before I move onto the next project/ufo/inspiration.

Andee said...

LOL! I love it. I finished mine Saturday about 5 PM or so...I think you beat me, but my border took all of Friday afternoon and into 2 AM and all day Saturday! I love it though, yours too!

Laurel said...

Love love love your DD. Congrats on getting it done.

I do have a question about the binding. When you make the binding, is it still one long piece folded/ironed in half? If so, how do you manage the raw edges? Or do you make the binding some other way.

I've always done the french binding unless I'm pulling the back around and top stitching it down.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your DD and I have just finished a quilt like your nine-patch using reproduction fabrics.