Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mama bought some new shoes....

I don't know what's more motivating for my running; the beautiful weather outside, or the new pair of shoes for the season ahead! This year, I'm sticking with Asics (bought the Gel-1140's in the color pictured). Tried 'em out with a VERY easy 2 miles yesterday; needing to walk a good half-mile. Whew! I'm actually gearing up to head out again shortly for another easy 2 miles. I think I'll give myself a week of "easy" miles in order to build up my mileage again. But, starting next Sunday, I reallllllly need to get back to some solid (and DEDICATED) training. Julie (running buddy) and I are planning on running a 10K & 5K back-to-back (called the Ultra) coming up in early June, so.....gotta get going!

I finished up a very (VERY) simple baby quilt this morning; I used a baby animal panel, so it went together lickity-split!

Anyway---off to get dressed for a run.....

Happy Easter!

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scraphappy said...

Ah, some things are universal. Mine are Asics GT 2130's I started with the 2110's and went through three of those before they switched to the 2120's. Didn't like those and tried out some Brooks. Hated every step of those shoes and went back to the Asics when they updated to the 2130. Some women spend obsene money on Italian high heels. I keep the local running store in business a hundred dollars at a time. I have hot pink ones now that match the trim on my favorite running shorts.
Isn't there a half marathon on the agenda sometime in May? Maybe I'm misremembering.