Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book finished; time to sew!

Upon leaving my sister's house on Sunday, I asked her if she had a book-on-tape that I could listen to... ya know... to help ease the boredom of the looming 5 hour trip ahead. She came through!

So, while the girls finagled between a few movies with the travelling DVD player in the backseat, I put in Nora Roberts' Angels Fall. It sure DID ease the length of the trip; it seemed I made it home in no time. There are 30 "Chapters" and each one lasts about 30 hours long roughly. That meant, 10 hours were left once I arrived home. What to do, what to do?? Because I sure couldn't wait until my next long drive to find out what was going to happen next. It got uploaded to my iPod and I listened to it while quilting downstairs. However, I found out that I couldn't hear it all too well when the sewing machine was going, so....cutting, sorting and ironing has been my task for the past few days.

Last night, at 10:30, I had no more ambition left to sort scraps, but I still had Chapters 29 and 30 left to go. DH was on the computer upstairs, so I settled in on the couch and put my feet up. I fell asleep somewhere in Chapter 29! Ugh!

Sometime in the night, Caitlyn joined DH and I in bed (nothing unusual).
Oh yeah--side note: She was a "big tough girl" yesterday by earning her passage to Kindergarten; Dr Appointment with FOUR shots!!!

Around 4:30 this morning, Candace ALSO wanted to slide into bed with DH and myself...hmmmmm. Also not unusual, but we typically are fortunate enough that only ONE wants to snuggle into bed with us on any given night. This is the first time that BOTH of them have tried to crawl in our bed---so I slid over, NEARLY falling off the edge of the bed. After 30 minutes of that, I had had enough and trudged out to the couch. Yeah, well... I guess I'm starting to show my age, because the couch wasn't the most comfortable and was up-n-at-em by 5:30---enough of the couch!

The good news---I figured I'd plug myself into my iPod again and finish the book; which is exactly what I did. It just ended; and Candace is the only one that is awake.

Therefore, with the whole day looming ahead, I can now devote my time downstairs back to actually running the sewing machine! I did manage to finish up Wafer Cookies at least to a "flimsy" stage, and it has joined Seven Shirts, hanging on the wall, awaiting the day when I will actually sandwich and quilt 'em.

I really should try to tackle another section of the DWR quilt and get it over with. Yeah...that would be the wisest. It's my only deadline, and I have two more weeks before the deadline comes due. Yeah, yeah.....(trying to convince myself).....although it would be so nice to start sewing the ions of strips that I've cut in the past couple of days....

Happy Wednesday


Tracy said...

I LOVE audiobooks, it's the only way I can stand to do my job. We have 500' chicken house with over 30,000 birds(mostly hens!) and are up to collecting over 23,000 eggs a day. I get sooo bored standing there at the collector, so I bought myself an iPod and get tons of audiobooks from the library. Some I've already read but listening to them again is usually ok. I listen to them on the treadmill sometimes too. Never tried sewing with it yet but I've thought about it.
My boys are way past the crawling into bed with us stage, the youngest just got his learner's permit yesterday!

Linda said...

Enjoy the crawling in bed times! Heads on your stomach, feet in your face, extra bodies cross way in the bed--I remember those days! It ends all too soon!

Have a great day!

Amanda said...

Much as I loved being loved so much by my boys that they wanted to be in bed with me, I'm afraid I liked it even better once they stopped. I love audiobooks too and get them from the library to listen to in the car, in the kitchen and often in bed - and I fall asleep to them too.

scraphappy said...

I have been enjoying audio books lately as well. I have been using librivox podcasts which are free, but tend to be more of the classics. I found myself in the same spot after our last car trip and spent the next two days walking around the house with ear buds in.
Sydney is the only one who still "sneaks" into bed with us. Mostly she likes to fall asleep in there and we carry her up after she is asleep. It makes me wonder why I made all those quilts for her bedroom.
I understand your dilemma on DWR. Projects seem like so much less fun when they have to get done.