Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chunky Churndash progress...

61 blocks done and ready for the hour-glass blocks. Hopefully the perfect fabric will jump into my lap tomorrow!

At 4:00, I took yet another small break and decided to crack open the bottle of wine I bought last night. (Hey---it was five o'clock by Angela, so I figured I was okay!!!) :0) I took a pic of the wine glass; I have a set of 6 and they are absolutely beautiful. I am not (by NO means) a lady who is hoitsie-toitsie! Give me a sweatshirt and pair of blue jeans, and I'm happy. BUT, I insist on using these glasses everytime I have some wine (which is, like, once or twice a year!) They were a wedding present from my German host family, and are hand painted. The paint protrudes off the glass; pictures don't do it justice.

DH took his time getting home from a Sunday's day of work, so I continued enjoying myself downstairs by tackling some red/white/blue string blocks. I know I have other projects sitting idle, but it was fun to put together some mindless 5.5" blocks. I don't know exactly what I have planned for these yet, but am thinking of doing some HSTs with these and white fabric.

As much as I would love to head downstairs right now for yet a few more hours of sewing fun, I actually should make sure I'm gathered for tomorrow's math workshop.
Happy Sunday


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scraphappy said...

Good progress on the churn dash blocks. According to Jimmy Buffet, it is always 5 o'clock somewhere. How is the running going these days?

Andee said...

You are making amazing progress on this already..I have been out of town and see you have been busy even though you are doing workshops! Sorry to hear about your parents' is everything. They will love the quilt and it will cheer them as I am sure your girls have too!

Candace said...

I love those blocks. If that's your rug it goes perfectly with them. The glass is beautiful.

Micki said...

Your quilt blocks are wonderful. I love wine too, and the wine glass is just gorgeous!
I just found your blog...It is charming!