Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two and a half finishes!

Today was a mix of quilting and unexpected-change-of-plans-veggin'-with-no-need-to-rush day.

When I made my goal list last night, I failed to remember that I had Volleyball tonight, so I wasn't able to accomplish all of it.

But, Candace's Stars is complete. No final pics yet though. July finish #1

The Pinwheels and Prairie Points also saw a complete finish. July finish #2
Linda (Lines and Loves) also finished up her version of it and posted it tonight. Be sure to take a peek at hers as well.

The "half" finish is these two rag quilts that I've had sewn together for about a month, but the cutting has been waiting, and waiting. So, while talking to my MIL on the phone last night, we worked out a barter--I have a quilt top of hers awaiting quilting, so her "fee" for me doing that will be for her to snip the rags. They will then be given (donated) to my mother's church's Baptismal blanket program.

OH! AND, I have three PIF projects freshly completed as well, but not yet ready to be mailed out to the recipients.

Nancy (Patchwork Penguin) has chosen #9 as the July UFO Challenge. Yeah!!! It's my wafer cookie quilt! THIS one shouldn't take too much to finish up, but if I recall, the reason I was hung up was because I couldn't "see" a layout I like with all the blocks I had. Here is the first post I had regarding the Wafer Cookie quilt, and here is the possible layout I had in mind.

Happy Wednesday.


Amanda said...

Your Pinwheels quilt is so pretty, don't those 30s prints look so fresh with the white. It sounds as if Patchwork Penguin's challenge is really working well, I've seen several people getting down to WISPs this year.

scraphappy said...

I see the problem on Wafer cookies. A traditional setting won't work with the two different sized blocks. I can see two solutions. You could use the larger blocks as a border and set the smaller blocks the usual way. The other way would be to set the little blocks into little pinwheels with a constant color as the bottom rail forming a little rotation. It might give they eye a place to focus. It should be a fast finish though, it looks like all of the blocks are done.
Still loving the Pinwheel quilt. The quilting looks great.

Linda said...

Love your "Pinwheels and Prairie Points"--I will have to try the white next time! I will have to check how to do the machine quilting you used!
Enjoy your weekend!

Cornfield Quilter said...

Another fabulous finish!
Have a wonderful 4th of July. :D