Friday, July 24, 2009

Returning to school/coach mode for the day

WIth the girls still at grandma's, I decided I'd use my free day today to head to school and get some things done. I mostly handled vball "stuff" and I'd really rather not completely go into all of that since MUCH of the morning was on the phone with the uniform rep due to the mistakes that were made with the uniform numbering! About half of the tops will simply need to be sent back (all out of THEIR pocket!!!) because the error was NOT on our/my end!.....**grufff* It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't on such a tight deadline now----practice starts in a couple of weeks!

After a lunch break and some big deep breaths, I calmed myself enough to get some things done around my room; some rearranging and unpacking of lots of things that needed to be packed up in June (when I got the new carpet!) ;0) My room definitely has the new-carpet smell. Throughout the afternoon, I was in both teacher- and coach-mode. The coach's room was (is still) a mess and it took me awhile to find the box of new knee pads! I cleaned out the locker and file-cabinet of the former coach and found some gems! Videos of drills and techniques (who cares if they are copyrighted 1992??!!)

Therefore, tonight, I have been plugging through all the videos, taking notes like a dutiful student. I even transposed the living room into a make-shift half volleyball court and stepped through many of the skills and drills. Specially hitting!!! I'm a lefty, so I did one after another after another of the right-handed approach so I can teach my girls the break-down. My legs are jello after half an hour!!!! BUT I actully feel very comfortable with the right-handed skills now (and not like a quazee-modo!) Seriously--you should have seen the first few attempts! DH even watched some of the videos with me, but he has since left to go fishy. TRUST ME---I don't think I would have acted out many of these drills if he were still around :0)

So---it's 9:30; I'm NOT tired; and DH won't be home anytime before midnight. Hmmm.......I don't know if I'm in the mood to quilt though.......
AH! I'm off to finish the Coach's Vball test that needs to be completed before the 1st competition.
Let's see what y'all know....
T or F:
The official's uniform shall consist of an all-white, short-sleeved collared polo shirt; black slacks; solid black athletic shoes; and black socks, unless modified by state association when dealing with extreme heat and humidity.

*e-gah* REALLY??? I mean, does anyone REALLLLY care?!?!?
That's a T statement, by the way

Here's another:
T or F:
A libero may complete an attack from anywhere, if at the moment of contact, the ball is entirely above the height of the net.

Sorry Charlie, but that would be F. A libero can NOT attack; which is defined as striking the ball above the height of the net. She may only be a defensive player, who is able to serve.

Oooo....that was a good one. How 'bout one final one???
T or F:
Back-row players, while positioned behind the attack line, may not contact the ball below the top of the net.

Umm.....George??? That's just doesn't make ANY sense! If they couldn't contact the ball below the top of the net, the ball would either a) have to drop to the floor every play or b) a front-row player would always have to play balls below the top of the net. That's just stupid! Therefore, I dare say this is F!

Okay----if you want more---just let me know :0) I have 100 of these babies to do!

Happy Friday


Amanda said...

I always used to love that first day back in school after a long break, it always felt so purposeful. However, you might just as well have been writing in chinese once you got onto talking about volley ball! It's not a game I know anything about - I don't think it gets played much in the UK>

scraphappy said...

Fresh carpet smell. Probably better than the moldy carpet smell I think I have finally eradicated from my room. It sounds like you are firmly shifted back into school mode. I hope you are able to take a quilty break soon.