Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ANOTHER mystery from Bonnie........

and she writes....

November 3
Hi you guys!

I'm back from Paris as of last night...had a great time! I know I
will need a nap at some point today, I feel one coming on. But I
wanted to let you know that I've been hard at work designing our next
mystery quilt!

I'm in a bit of a conundrum, because the one I REALLY want to
do.....is in recycled fabrics in Christmas colors! Is this going to
bum you guys out if I drag Christmas out into the new year? If it
helps any....what if we move this mystery back a month and let you
play with your fabrics DURING the holiday season? I'm done teaching
as of Nov 17th. Would you like to work on this project DURING the
holidays? And if you finish it after the new year, well....you are
just that much farther ahead for next year!

And of course, you can choose to do this in a different color plan if you want.

This is going to be a limited availability mystery, much like Carolina
Crossroads was. It's going to go into the 2011 book, so it will only
be available online for a while, and then I'll pull it when it's

I'm planning on using reds, greens, and golds and neutrals, in plaids,
stripes and prints from recycled clothing. And I may throw in some old
fashioned shirting prints as some of my lights to spice them up a bit.
The quilt is a square one, about 84" without borders. The units can
be played with in many ways, so seeing lots of different layouts is
going to be fun!

Other colors? How about blues/browns/ golds/neutrals?
red/blue/gold/ neutral? green/blue/gold/ neutral?
purple/green/ gold/neutral. ...I'm sure you can come up with 3 colors
you like, and maybe even use BLACK as your neutral....you' ll like this
one, I promise!

Are you guys game? Looks like it will be about a 6 step mystery.....


Oh gosh, oh gosh. I have NEVER missed a mystery of Bonnie's, but sadly haven't quite finished the Christmas Lights mystery yet. ALMOST, but not quite---it's at quilting stage.

So......next weekend my quilting life SHALL return!!! That's my promise to me :0)

Happy Tuesday


Andee said...

Yippee! I will be doing this one too (gotta get those borders on my top but at least I send mine out for quilting ;))and I love it when we are working on the same quilt...so much fun!

Calidore said...

Ohh I looked but don't have a hope of joining in or even starting in anytime in the near future. Can't wait to see what each step is. It's nearly as much fun just checking out Bonnie's steps.