Sunday, November 29, 2009

A finish and a new start

Headed back home from parents yesterday morning... and after about 10 miles, I caved and pulled over. MOM wanted the gameplan to be: Cass in the middle holding the DVD player, with Caitlyn and Candace on the sides watching. Well, tshca! Cass didn't want to watch the movie; she wanted to play her Nintendo DS. Candace wanted to watch Dora and Cailtln wanted to watch Drop Dead Fred. So....the lightbulb went off, and I pulled out my computer from my bag; handed the DVD player to Candace, handed my computer to Caitlyn, and everyone (including Mom) was happy! All three could do what they wanted, which left ME to enjoy my Book on CD (Nora Roberts -- Birthright).

Yesterday was filled with unpacking and tidying. Felt good to wake up this AM and know I really didn't have anything I needed to do; other than play vball tonight at 6:00.

Here is the quilt I finished up for my MIL. I did very simple stippling in the whites of the blocks.

Some inspiration hit home this morning when out-n-about. Bonnie Hunter is starting a new mystery which I really wanted to dive in to, BUT... these purple and green fat-quarters have been calling out to me for some time... I saw a picture of a "film-strip" quilt, and fell in love with the clean lines and ability to show off a variety of fabrics. The two ideas seem to merge together... so, with too many interruptions today, I was at least able to cut, strip-sew, and layout some of the very easy blocks. And now...standing back...the one green fabric just doesn't belong!
(The one pictured in the middle here)....

I am in no rush to whip this one out, but I do want the colors to be just right as to what I see in my mind.... "Lucidity" is the name my mind sees with these colors.

Happy Sunday everyone---time to get ready for vball.


Patchwork Penguin said...

Could you bottle up some of your energy and send it to me please!!!!! I don't know how you do it.



Candace said...

Great organizational skills obviously. Five happy women! I love both the quilts.