Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm tired; but the end is near

It's one of those times of one of those days of one of those weeks.....

I'm tired

The girls have been fighting fevers of 99-103, on-n-off for the past few hours (Caitlyn) and days (Cassie). No real "sickness" (yet)----just crazy, insane fevers.

I'm stressed

Having to prep for an unexpected day (tomorrow) was/is hard when I'm already stressed trying to prep for two planned absences (Thursday and Friday). I am now down to one prep time to plan for the end of one quarter where I'm missing two days AND the start of a new quarter with 50 new students---it would be different if I could get in to school on Sunday after returning from State Volleyball on Saturday, but.....NO CHANCE......

I'm tired

oh wait. I already said that.

I'm off to bed.

[[one more week, one more week....vball banquet next Tuesday.....then life will slow back down]]

PIF's----I haven't forgotten you! Promise!!!!

[[I can get sick, BUT it MUST wait until Sunday, AFTER State Vball trip]]


Amanda said...

Oh, dear Amy, you do sound in need of a rest from everything. Do try and take it easy; a stressed, overworked mum and teacher is so much more likely to go down with any infection going. And don't worry about the PIFs, they should be right at the bottom of any list, if they don't happen this year it's hardly the end of the world. Take care.

Andee said...

Enjoy the state trip, hope the kids are all well already and you don't catch it...since you are a brilliant teacher you will figure out the planning and if not isn't there a movie that involves math somehow you can have them watch? Smile, I noticed that is what alot of subs did was show movies..once in ahwhile why not?