Friday, November 6, 2009

State Volleyball and the new mystery

and Bonnie writes.... we go! My plan is to post the fabric requirements when I finish my yearly teaching after Nov 17th. Those who want to wait til the new year to start, can use that 6 weeks to gather their fabrics, maybe do some pre-cutting, and be ready to start after the holidays!

It's a GOOD thing that Vball has ended and that life will start returning to normal starting next week!!!!!!!

On a volleyball note.....
sittin' in the hotel room waiting for the day to begin. Sure! On the day I can sleep in until 8:00, I'm WIDE AWAKE at 6:30! We (the 9 varsity girls, myself and one of the mom's) hit some big D1 competition last night. Goodness gracious......I had forgotten how tall D1 teams are.....6'0, 6'3, 6'1, 6'0, 5'11 (which is 6'0 in my book)...the shortest girl on one of the teams was 5'8. AND THEN you have little D4 (NON-PRIVATE) schools who will be lucky to EVER have a 6'0 grace their courts....

Plan to roll out at 9:15 to hit some D4 and D3 this morning and then hit the big Appleton (Wisconsin) shopping mall this afternoon. The girls also want to be sure to get on the slide today (a FUN looking waterslide down by the pool) since it closed at 8:00 last night.

Ooooooo............and I forgot how goofy girls can be "away from home." Here's the story....
So, we eat at Applebees last night. They literally took FOREVER to decide what to eat; some girl would say something to order and the others would "oooooh...that sounds good" and change her mind until someone else said something new, and the "oooooh..." returned. In the end, the menus were a little bit of everything so each girl could sample each others.

Anyway....the meal was ending, everyone was sitting back, groaning that she over ate.... when suddenly...
the "hand-clapping" started.
If you've never been to an Applebees, the workers come out clapping and singing when a birthday has been requested of them. I'm sure you know where this is going, BUT I had no idea at the time. My first comment when the clapping started was "oh, fun, it's someone's birthday." (I never noticed the little giggling at our table). Then the clappers/singers start heading out way, so I'm looking around at our table, seeing one of our girls put her face in her I say "'s Kellie's birthday!"...which turns our table into giggle-central. Suddenly the singers stop behind our table (I still hadn't quite figured it out yet), UNTIL....the girls took their cameras and cell phones out, snapping pictures my way, rollling with laughter! DUH! HELL-O! Oh goodness----once it registered that it was "my birthday," ..... oh goodness, I laughed so hard! And of COURSE, I had to thank them for giving me the BEST 41-st birthday ever! which point, one of my girls said,
Leah: "You're not 41, are you???"
Me: *shaking head, still wiping tears of laughter*
Leah: "'re like 37, aren't you?"
Me: *still laughing, shaking head and hold up 4 fingers*
Leah: "REALLY! You're 40??!!" *her mouth agape*
Me: *laughing even harder at her response*
Other girls: "No Leah! She's thirty - FOUR!"

Oh goodness---what fun!
Happy Friday everyone!

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Laurel said...

Happy Belated birthday. Sounds like fun.