Sunday, November 15, 2009

I lovely Saturday (and Sunday), it was


First, SORRY for no pics. After lunch today, I had ALL intentions of heading back downstairs to do some final piecing, but one thing lead to another and I found myself actually NAPPING for 30 minutes. And now, I'm simply too lazy to go down to snap the pics.

So, what was accomplished?
I was downstairs for most of the day yesterday (until 5:00), and then again this morning (9:00-noon). Strip sewing, strip sewing, and more strip sewing. I am nearing the end of piecing all 400 blocks needed for the Perkiomen Daydreams. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I have volleyball tonight...
yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said Volleyball was over. Let me clarify---COACHING m'high school volleyball girls is over, but I (and hubby) still play Sunday evenings in an adult coed league. INTENSE FUN volleyball! So, I plan to just relax, do some catching up online before needing to head out (in ONE hour!!!) Holy buckets....

Anyway, after returning from vball, maybe I'll head downstairs to snap a pic or two.

It feels good catching up on laundry
It feels good to have a clean (SEMI-clean) counter -- dishes done
It feels good to have SEWN!
But I haven't prepped for the week yet for my Math classes, so I really should spend some time with that tonight.

Happy Sunday!

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