Monday, March 1, 2010

OH NO! Arizona Cactus measurement error!

Thanks to Linda, I did some measurement double-checking.

Oh Linda---I'm SOOOO sorry!!!!

The blue rectangles listed should be SIX inches, not 5.5 inches. MY BAD!!!! The picture (when zoomed in) shows 6 inches; Sadly I think my mind went to "finished size."

I'm off to update the file.....

Update has been made! You may need to refresh your PDF page when you view it if you've already viewed it recently.

SORRY AGAIN for the error!


Chl said...

Hi amy, don't know if you know about this blog yet, but I think that you might would like it. Its a designer, quilter and a runner. bleh...(says the out of shape one).
She is also doing a quilt along that just started.... whats one more project??? ;)

Go check her out, she is a fun gal!

Happy stithin

^A^ngel said...

Hi Amy!! Love your blog! The way you write and of course your quilts!! The BOM blocks are beautiful...Do you have to sign for it or can you just "join in the fun"?

Have a good day and God Bless,