Monday, March 8, 2010

Success #2 and #3; March UFO; Stash Report March 1 - 7

Yesterday morning (Sunday), both DH and I were up by 5:30. YIKES! Yeah, I know! By 8:00, both of us were completely motivated to get some "stuff" done, so...I asked him if he was willing to tackle the wood requirements of the curtains I started TWO weeks ago already while I did some finishing touches on the fabric.

Remember Success #1?

Well, here is FINALLLLLLLY Success #2...
...and Success #3...
[[yeah, the cords are currently tied to the door handles--until we get some appropriate tie-hooks.]]

I haven't been doing much quilting work; I have taken out Deer Camp, my March UFO. NOW I remember why I put it away last year (2009).

Short version: I whipped out this baby in ONE DAY back in April, 2008. I was motivated and pumped after a day at a Quilt Show; I purchased the panel and sewed up the log cabins that evening. However, this was BEFORE I knew a few finer methods of quilting....
ie: proper measuring
ie: proper cutting of borders
ie: mastering the 1/4" seam

You can't tell that great from the pic; but the center panel is MUCH larger than the outer border of blocks; and the outer borders aren't pictured from this April 2008 version.
WHY is the panel so much larger??? I had a larger seam allowance than 1/4" when I made the log cabin blocks, and over 20+ seams, that made a HUGE difference in actual size. I was mathematically cutting my borders to what they SHOULD have been, but....well.....

After a couple of hours of ripping...UGH! That reminds me! Not only did I not know a lot about measuring back then, nor have the 1/4" mastered....I used a STUPID stitch length!!!!!! It was seriously 1MM or less!!!! Ripping out those seams was NOT fun! But---with a couple of hours in front of the TV this past week, all borders (outer and inner) were unsewn, awaiting appropriate measurements.

The inner border was only 1" too long and 1.5" too wide. NOT BAD! But the outer border..... side was THREE INCHES too long and the other was 2.5 inches too long! Holy Cow! No wonder it wasn't hanging nicely.

It is now in a nice FLAT, SQUARE flimsy stage, and **sigh**....will await the return of my Bernina for quilting.

Yeah----STILL no Bernina! No wonder I haven't done much quilting! My Brother just doesn't hold a candle to the Bernina!

So...I helped take over my daughter's project :0)
Remember latch-hook ruggin????? I LOVED doing these as a little girl! I'll admit that Cass and I have each done about 50% of the complete project. There are still two rows left, and then she'll be done. We hope to make this into a pillow.

Although I did a LITTLE bit of quilting, no stash was used.... Simple report this week:
Stash Report: March 1
Used this week: 0 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Used-to-date 2010: 70.735 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -15.515 yards

Happy Monday


Marsaili said...

Curtains look great! I used to love latch hooking, I probably did 15 different ones when I was a teen and made them all into pillows!

Hope your Monday was happy!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on getting the window treatments up!

It looks like you're on your way to completing a long term UFO!

Miss 376 said...

Curtains and blinds look fantastic. A neighbour got me into latch hooking when i was about 7, lol. Never forgotton it

Linda said...

Your curtains and shades look great. I tried latch hooking and I have a UFO laying around that I just cannot bring myself to is so boring to me. One day when I have finished all of my UFO's maybe I'll drag it out and work on it (if the yarn hasn't rotted by then...LOL) Anyway, it's amazing how much we learn. You have really grown in your quilting. Those measurements were off so much but it sure didn't look like they were off that much! I have a friend that has one of my first wallhangings. I have begged her for this wallhanging back so I could re-do it for her. She says she loves it and thinks about me when she looks at it. She says she remembers me when I was a new quilter and wouldn't take a million dollars for this little out of shape wallhanging. So, in all this rambling, it is not necessary to take everything apart that you have done in the past. Just do the ones you can't stand to look at without them driving you crazy! Hugs, Linda

Andee said...

It looks great as do your girls! Congratulations on getting this one done!

Linda said...

The window treatments are great. I love the shades on the the patio doors.

I feel the same about the first quilt I had started for Conner last winter before our class. Some things I fixed after learning from you---other things I couldn't fix. He loves it away!