Tuesday, March 8, 2011

O Warm weather, warm weather! Wherefore are thou warm weather?

O Warm-weather, Warm-weather! Wherefore are thou Warm-weather?
Deny thy Mother-nature and refuse thy chill.
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my weather,
And I'll no longer be a whining runner.

Okay, I'm no Shakespearian, but, I'm sure you understand me (????). Winter running in Wisconsin (and other northern states) brings with it its own challenges. And, let's face it: many of you, my dear followers, know my absolute loathsome attitude towards the ever dreadful "DREADMILL!"

Yesterday; Teens/low 20's and 2" snow. NOT my cup-o-tea for running!
Today: 50s! (Let the heavens open up and hear the angels sing!)
Tomorrow: 2-6" of MORE SNOW!!!!! *UGH*

Yes, I utilized the GLORIOUS temperatures today and ran. Only 1.8 miles, but I ran :0)

I suppose SOME scattered running is better than none. Yes????


Julie said...

Yes, it is!!! Good for you!

Amanda said...

I need to get you and Christopher together. Scattered running just about describes what he's been doing over the last year or so, and he hasn't even the excuse of bad weather at the moment; jolly cold yes, but no snow or rain.