Sunday, March 27, 2011

A proud day for a parent!

Cassie's Destination Imagination (DI) Regional tournament was yesterday; pictured here is her team (she's 2nd from right). They have been preparing for their challenge this year (Mythology Mission) by researching all places "mythological", and creatures of mythological time, etc... They were the only team from our school this year that chose this challenge (in my opinion one of the harder ones, since they needed to perform 'impromptu' in front of judges.) A few moments before they perform, they ended up drawing the creature Anagan (yeah, no idea who/what that is either), and drew Modern Arctic North America and they elected to use a mop, a walking stick, and a pot as their allowed props from those available. The skit ended up being a bit humorous once they came across their "unexpected challenge" (that they have no idea about until they pick up the piece of paper from the floor that states the problem).

Overall, they must have wowed the judges over the other 8 elementary teams, because they took 1st and will be moving on to the State competition in two weeks.

Watching the faces of the team during awards was a snapshot worthy moment. TOO BAD I didn't have my camera at that time. The MC only read the top three teams, starting with third. When they weren't announced at third, I kept my eyes glued on the group.........when 2nd was announced, there was such diappointment on all of their faces. NO ONE was really expecting 1st, so they figured 'it was over.' Then, as the team "passport #" was being announced (a crazy long number that no one remembers), a little bit of recognition hit one of the 5th grade boys, and then.....when the Team name was announced, I don't know who was more elated and surprised: the team or the section of team parents! It was a moment! ;0)

We also celebrated Caitlyn's birthday last night even though her birthday isn't until April 5. My parents and sister (BIL) came to visit and watch Cassie, so we made a weekend of it all.

Doesn't that cake look YUMMMMMMY? OMGoodness! The icing-----YUM! And the chocolate cake underneath-----sooooo moist! Yes, it IS delicious!

Oh! And that little guy she's holding: it was the last present she opened and it was from Candace. Instant love-at-first-sight.

Another present that was a HUGE HIT: her Packer Jersey from the grandparents.

Stocked up on some shoes too. (The toothless grin is get more holes!)

So, the day is beginning around here slowly. Off to make some breakfast.


Me and My Stitches said...

Such cute kids - sounds like a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Well done Cassie, she must be feeling so proud of herself and her team. Good luck to her in the next round. And happy birthday to Caitlyn. And there must be something Candace has done that's worthy of a hurrah - even though she did squirm at my newt!

Andee said...

Whoot Whoot Cassie! Can't wait to hear how the next competition goes!

Linda said...

WAY TO GO CASSIE!!! Congratulations! That is fantastic. I know the hours that have gone into preparation. She is with a great group of kids. I think the picture is great-especially how you have to look to find the coach.
Happy Birthday Caitlyn. She truly loves her jersey.

scraphappy said...

Way to go on the HUGE first place victory!! It sounds a lot like our OM competition, and state was super fun. Love the toothless grin, such a sweet phase with teeth coming and going all the time.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

Both of my children are in DI. they both made it to State's our competition is this coming Saturday. I am a little nervouse that my high schooler may win at States and then i have to start fund raising for Tennesee.

It is a great accomplishment to win. Yeah!

Julie said...

You have such great kids!