Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A political post - I really don't like 'em either!

I have not spoken on my blog about much of the political issues going on around our wonderful state of Wisconsin.
Governor Walker is addressing the public as I type to share his Budget Address for the next two years {short term}, NOT about his Budget Repair Bill {longterm} that has made national news. Although, he has brought it (Budget Repair bill) up many times already in the first 10 minutes of his Address.

Many states are in budget problems; many states have made drastic cuts to education; it is very frustrating for both sides of this sad issue regardless of where you/we live! I have never been a teacher to complain about my income because I understood the added "income" that came in the form of benefits. But bottom line: I became a teacher because ...... I was meant to BE a teacher!

Let me be the first to say from the absolute bottom of my heart----I have NEVER liked the "politics" about politics. Yeah---kinda ironic, but I'm sure many of you know what I mean. Things are said, but actions don't always follow. Actions are performed, but don't always agree with what had been said.

Some of Walker's quotes....
** "We have a diverse set of beliefs"

** "Each (person) has a vision to better Wisconsin"

** "We all want Wisconsin to be the very best."

** "People of Wisconsin will always come first."

** "Despite budget cuts, the longterm funds will allow more money and resources to be made available in the classrooms.....". ???? Hmmm.....I'm optimistic, but I'm also a skeptical mathematician who also happens to be a teacher.

** "This budget delivers true tax breaks to home owners..."

** "3rd Grade basic Literacy assessment will be established"

I really don't like politics. I don't like controversy. I see little things on both sides of this political fence. I have not made much of a voice on either side, although, naturally, I am supporting most of what is sent my way via my District's head negotiator.


Why can't life just be simpler?


Patchwork Penguin said...

.... ok what I had typed I had to erase.... I'm sorry you're going through all of this uncertainty. We are waiting to see what bomb the new govenor drops in PA.


Julie said...

I have been following along with the stuff you are dealing with there, it had not dawned on me that YOU are a WI teacher. I am with ya girl.

Jackie said...

My siblings are teachers so I'm familiar with education from a teachers perspective.

What bothers me about the quotes you cited it that all broad range statements. At this point in the process, the residents of whatever state we live in should have received clear communication on specifics. Cutting property taxes? Where is the income to offset that coming from? How are the people going to be put first? What longterm funds are being funneled into the classrooms? How are those funds going to be replaced to meet the future needs they were set aside for? These things are what bother me. I'm smart enough - give me the facts! I feel like saying something like "We all want Wisconsin/Florida, etc to be the very best" to be the equivalent of a politician patting the head of a 5 year old and saying "be a good girl"

Ok, rant over!

Linda said...

I have reread Gov. Walker's speech three times. There are parts I don't understand....He wants to require all third graders to read at a third grade level. Yes---that is what we all want, and yet he is cutting the funding to schools to pay for the staff to enable us to work towards that goal. Something doesn't make sense.

Yes--we are teachers because we want to make a difference in the student's lives.

We will continue to do our jobs to the best of our ability.

Mego said...

Hang in there! We ALL want what's best for the US but it's in the way we go about it that matters. It seems like teacher's are being denigrated for BEING teachers. I'm sorry but I have ALWAYS thought they should be held HIGH as not just teaching MY children but the children who will grow up and decide my future in my old age. What always crosses my mind when inane, general comments are made is 'can you SEE why education is important???' I guess the irony is lost. The whole US is watching and WITH you. (and PS...no the math doesn't make sense!)