Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pictures on my desktop

There was a time when my desktop (computer desktop, that is) was a DISASTER!!!! Files scattered all over; clustered together in similar categories in SOME attempt for organization. Now-a-days, I keep my desktop rather neat-n-tidy; files being placed into appropriate folders.

Tonight, I decided to give you a viewing of the random ".jpg" files that currently are on my desktop, in need to being either deleted or filed into appropriate folders... Just cuz.
{{I only have SEVEN image files on my desktop right now. Seven! See......I'm getting much better at keeping my files organized :0) }}

A little math-joke humor that I wanted to share with my students. I really don't have a folder yet for "school jokes" or for "jokes" in general. I guess I simply don't save them all that often.....

Ah! THIS was a coupon I created for Linda; we teach at the same school, and she is on my "list of 5" for 2012 to receive something homemade. Being the quilter she is, I thought I'd offer a free quilting service. When Carol did this for me (2009?), I LOVED the offer!!!! I didn't have my quilt frame/machine yet at that time, so I was SO VERY appreciative of the offer.

Mmm.....I haven't forgotten about this image, but can't seem to file it anywhere OTHER than my desktop. If there EVER was a picture worth a thousand words, huh? It breaks my heart, but is an EXCELLENT reminder of the power we all have in our words towards youth. I can't seem to remove it from my desktop; it's too powerful to "hide away."

Of course, there HAD to be a "dream of someday" quilt picture!!!!!!

OH! Hello Mrs. Skattebo. {{yeah.... "official" school picture}}.

Last night, I was working on our school's website. It's that time of year when scholarships are piling into the Guidance office. As the school's webmaster, I created an image "quick-link" from the District's "For Parents and Students" webpage for our Seniors to find the scholarships easier. This is a good reminder that I can now delete that clipart.

Tee-heee!!!! Some humor is always fun! I sent this to our 7-12 secretary a few weeks ago. I send her "good vibes" as often as I can because without her....oh BOY! Our 7-12 wing would be a completely different place to work!!!! She's amazing and needs to hear it :)

That's all folks. What about your desktop? :D Any goodies? Too MANY goodies?!?!?! :)

Happy Wednesday!


Andra Gayle said...

mine is an absolute mess just like my sewing room, my classroom, my laundry room and any other place you can associate with me...

scraphappy said...

Fun tour of your desktop. I laughed out loud at the rock and the ruler. Too cute.

Dee said...

Your post sent me counting. I have 43 on mine. I keep wanting to clean it up, but would rather spend the time on other things!

Anne M said...

My desktop is very neat & tidy (I save my untidiness for my very cluttered craft room - I'm going to tidy in there one day!) Does your "dream of someday" quilt have a name?