Monday, January 30, 2012

Joining the APP craze....

My Fitness APP

Fun little gadget I came across this weekend. For those of you who are number geeks and APP geeks and an organized geek...and a fitness geek...and a food-tracker geek (or geekess, I suppose).....this may be a fun APP to check out. FREE download this past weekend; not sure if it's still free. And hey! If you have the APP, or choose to download, let me know!!! There's a fun lil' feature where you can "add a Friend" and keep track of each others' successes. It'd be SWELL to keep tabs on each other. Besides, it keeps me honest :0)

I worked out's only been SEVENTEEN DAYS since my last workout! e-gah! Bad me, bad me, bad me. So, I TRIED to push myself a bit; besides I was in a pretty schnazzy mood after school today; smiling, happy, all-in-all, a great day today!

But....HA.....without having the consistency of working out, my running form was something to be desired. Twenty-six (26) minutes into my treadmill jog, with the monitor reading "Only 4 minutes left" to me....I started chanting....{{in my HEAD, because otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten a few strange looks, and a good amount of chuckling....}}

That which doesn't kill will only make me stronger.

And now, add the stress to the following parts and see if you can hear the cadence I had going on.....

(1)THAT - (2)WHICH- (3)DOESnt - (4)KILL will - (5)ONLY - (6)MAKE me - (7)STRONG-(8)ER
Each "beat" hit when my left foot struck the tread; must be all that HS Marching Band training I had growing up; the measure always starts with the left foot.

Anyway, with a good hearted sense of humor, I finished my 4 minutes with a pat on the back.

Then I figured....I hadn't had enough punishment yet, so.......SURE!!! Let's do some Tris/Bis and ABS!!!!!!! Again I say.....e-gah! My abs had a few choice words for me.....something along the line of "um, lady! Excuse me! You haven't been our friend for the past few years and you just NOW want to kick-it-in-gear as if you haven't sat on your duff for a few months!?!?!?"

Oh Abs....we have such a history! I thought it'd be like riding a bike; ya don't forget how to ride and you can get right back on....

Hmmm.....I think tomorrow they'll remind me JUST how long it's been since I've "ridden that bike."

In closing......I heard this quote today and I thought I'd pass it along...
Here’s an example of child abuse: Love without discipline.

It's fun to ponder things sometimes, huh?


Amanda said...

I don't think I can join you in your fitness regime! I do a long walk each day with the dog, and climb the stairs countless times for the things I've forgotten, but that's it for my poor old body. I'm retired now, so I don't need to suffer abuse from anyone! Is there an app for people like me do you think?

Pieces to Love said...

I love my fitness pal! I have been using it for a while now. Ok, I'll be honest, I was on a laziness directed strike for a while, and just started getting back on track. I love the new app. The old one was horrible. I'm feeling the pain from yesterdays workout and need to go force myself to work through the pain today so it doesn't hurt as bad tomorrow.

Andee said...

I have this but have fallen off the wagon on using it...I did however ride my bike for 20 minutes tonight which for me is monumental, lol. And I am working 12 hours days most weekdays so I use that as an excuse even though really I have MORE energy if I just do the bike. So friend me and maybe that will help motivate me!