Monday, February 20, 2012

OB Border options

Happy President's Day to everyone in the United States of America. Our school may not give us Martin Luther King Jr. day off of school, but we've usually had President's Day off....for the past few years anyway. (I don't think we do next year, however :\)

Yup! In the mood today! So I decided to start the morning by tackling the Orca Bay borders!!! Agh! One of the "B" words :0)

Above--Bonnie's suggested layout.
Below -- a layout I've seen a few ladies choose; and I think I'll be one of those ladies too. The design seems to "radiate out" more with the darker units in the inside of the border.

So, just doing some photo-decision-making before actually finishing the sewing. It's so much easier to make decisions when you can see what it would look like.

Happy Monday.


Andra Gayle said...

I like the second choice, too! I have many must dos before I can pull out my orca blocks again. It will probably be summer time by then. Yours looks great!

Andee said...

Nice call!

Ellen said...

Taking a snapshot and looking at it really does give a different perspective. I like it both ways!