Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quilting ambition non existant


I'm here. Busy with life. Not busy with quilting.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something "quilty" to post, but for's just a "Hiya" and "Hope all is well."
School keeps me busy.
My family keeps my busy.
And all the technology, sadly, keeps me busy.

We've been dog-sitting this past week for a friend's Jack Russell. She's quite non-hyper for a Jack Russell, and I must's been nice to come home to a wagging tail every night.

Hmm....I wonder how much sweet talking we would need to do to Dad in order to land ourselves a nice, small "house-dog." ;)

The owner's are enjoying some vacation time in Las Vegas. We've sent a text here-n-there saying "Take your time coming back!" :0) The girls (and me) are in heaven.


soscrappy said...

A dog? Really? Cause you need something else to keep you busy? He does look so sweet though. Hope you find a nice one.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Right there with you dear.... busy busy busy. And my arm is buggin me again.. I do not want more shots!

Spring is coming!!! Stay happy :o)

Dee said...

How very sweet they look together! My husband wanted a Jack Russell until we did some research and read that they're usually very hyper and don't care for cats. That would be the last thing we need. Enjoy the time babysitting!

Andee said...

One of our dogs is supposed to be a chihuahua mix but is more of a Jack Russel...she is not too hyper and is really good with the new cat..weird! I hope you get your quilting mojo back..I think deep, dark, February is hard in is almost Spring time!