Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very lazy Sunday

YUP! The title sums it up!

We have my parents and niece & nephew up for a weekend of ice fishing. Cassie's final basketball tournament was yesterday, so once we returned from the school, the boys went out fishing and the rest of us found other "things" to do. My tasks were mainly school related....and relaxing. Today hasn't look much different, 'cept there wasn't any basketball, and the girls joined in with the fishing expedition. I spent one hour pressing HSTs for the Jamestown Landing leader-ender project in my sewing room, but.....that's 'bout it! Then, spent 2 hours napping.....and then a couple of hours writing tests and planning for the upcoming week.

Very lazy day.


Charlene S said...

But a great day!

scraphappy said...

Having a nap sounds like a fabulous idea. I was working on Jamestown Landing today as well. Hope you are all ready for the workweek. How many days until summer vacation?

Andee said...

hmm, I don't have Jamestown Landing in the works, but now that Orca Bay is done I need to get back to Smith Mountain Morning (before Judy pulls it for the UFO-ugh!). Glad you had a nice lazy day, that is necessary now and then!

Candace said...

Sometimes, lazy is good.