Friday, March 16, 2012

The first picnic of 2012

I know I may sound like so many others that are living in the northern part of the USA right now....but gosh-dernit! This weather is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mornings are still a bit chilly (40s), so the day usually starts with pants, winter jacket, hat, gloves.....but by the end of the day: near 80s today! Another record breaking day! Tshirts and shorts! HOWEVER, poor dear Candace here....I think we need to go shoe shopping for her this weekend!. She's outgrown her tennis shoes since the beginning of winter, and only has her boots.

She's not the only one hitting some serious growth spurts! Cassie "graduated" another pair of her pants this morning that she hasn't worn all that much lately. Rightfully so! There was some full-blown "highwaters" action going on :0)



ALL (almost)
OF MY SCHOOLWORK AT SCHOOL this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

It will be a ME weekend!
Quilting for most certainty......
reading for some certainty.....
laundry for necessity

and with temps being forecasted in the 70s for both Saturday and Sunday....RUNNING will most likely be on my schedule too.



Amanda said...

I thought our weather was peculiar but you seem to go from one extreme to another, snow one day and shorts the next it seems. We're starting to warm up, but I still need three layers indoors and an extra one when we go out, but I don't always need to wear gloves and a scarf now!

Andee said...

Yay! We are both sewing..glad things have warmed up your way...supposed to get down to 48 or something here on Sunday..will believe it when I see it!

Linda said...

This is awesome weather...The kids were having a great time on playground water and no mud. Great day.

scraphappy said...

So glad you were able to leave schoolwork at school this weekend. Isn't it glorious when that happens? And when it is going to be a beautiful weekend of weather as well! Enjoy every minute. Can't wait to see what you get done.