Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going to State!

Our school's Regional Destination Imagination (DI) competition was held yesterday; Cassie is yet again participating (this is her 3rd year).

Her team was one of the first to compete in the day (8:40 AM), which then lead to LOTS and LOTS of down-time while waiting for their Instant Challenge (12:30) and then MORE down-time until awards at 4:00. The team filled up the downtime with games and karaoke.

But finally, the awards time came.....and "Challenge B, Elementary Division, Solar Stage" was announced. I was in ready-mode with my camera......
3rd place announced....Not us

And then...."2nd place, and going on to state, 'Team ZAANACO/Dunham, Shell Lake'"

From a distance, with no flash, and EXCITED MOVEMENT, LEAPING UP IN THE AIR......this is what I got. :0) Oh well!

State is a few weeks away (April 14), and in a town close to Paul's and my parents. All grandparents are excited to watch the State skit :0)

During OUR downtime, we (Paul, myself, Caitlyn and Candace) headed back home to get some indoor seed planting done. (One advantage of having the Regional Competition in a town only 8 miles away!!!)

This cute "Sprout-n-Grow" contraption was gifted to us from a coworker, so we planted some peas and can't wait to see the germination begin!

In addition to our typical starter pots, we had the girls decorate some styrofoam cups for "their" seeds. Any guesses at the two different styles of seeds in these cups?????

The girls and I have been in cleaning-mode all morning; laundry, dusting, sweeping, dishes, bathroom, dining room. And now, they are upstairs in their rooms, cleaning (even though it sounds a bit more like playing to me)

We hope to hit the Theater matinees today at 1:00 and 1:10 for "The Hunger Games" for Cassie and myself, and "The Lorax" for Paul, Caitlyn and Candace. With the weather as GLORIOUS as it is yet AGAIN, we MAY be postponing those plans until 4:00 and 4:!0. :0)

Happy Sunday


Amanda said...

Well done to Cassie. I've been planting seeds too over the last few days. Peas, broad beans, lettuce, radish and salad onions outside and tomatoes inside. Now I just have to hope that Ruby doesn't dig the lot up!

Andee said...

Congrats on State! WHOOT WHOOT! Wish I could do a garden here...maybe someday but I don't have the time to make it work in this dry dry dry environment..going to have to be satisfied with the venus fly trap! Let us know what you thought of the Hunger Games..we have that on our list and I enjoyed the books.

soscrappy said...

Way to go on qualifying for the state competition! Looks like fun for all. Hope The Hunger Games is good. Anna saw it with a friend and thought it was too violent for the two younger ones. I've just finished the last book today though, and will have to see the movie as soon as I'm back from vacation. Enjoy your pre-spring planting. Memorial day will be here before you know it.

Nim said...

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