Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some quilting for MIL

Since my quilting frame was finally open again, I loaded a quilt that my MIL requested for me to finish up for her. The fabrics are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

I chose a simple pantograph---really simple. Start-to-finish: this quilt took under three hours to load/quilt/trim.

The other evening, Paul fried up some freshly caught pan-fish (oh yes. YUM!!!!!!) and he double-dog-dared Cassie to eat an entire wedge of lemon.
The FUNNY thing though.......notice that completely eaten wedge on her plate. Yeah...that was her FIRST wedge from the dare. And the face she made was so hilarious, that I said DO IT AGAIN for the camera!!!!!!!!!

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Patchwork Penguin said...

Abby used to take the wedges out of her Grammy's ice tea all the time and eat them. Haven't seen her do that in a long time.